A real estate company does not grow without: 1. Selling real estate and 2. growing their real estate agent pool. 5 Points Realty is no different. We just go about it differently. If you have been a client of ours, or know of us, you may have noticed we just have our own way of doing things. 

So we want to lift up the curtain a bit to give you a look at what makes 5 Points Realty different especially when it comes to that second part of the equation.

Our marketing team worked for months on a rebrand and came up with three words to describe us: fresh, friendly, proven. The words not only define who we are but they are also the reason that clients and agents alike enjoy working with us. Once you know more about our innovative approach, you’ll understand how we are able to put together such a great team to work for you.


5 Points Realty stays ahead of trends in buying, selling, and developing real estate for our valued clients. We are curiously passionate about design and performance, and adapt and evolve with effective marketing and sales technologies.


We love and live in the neighborhoods we serve. Our 5 Points Realty crew is extremely active in civics, neighborhood associations, and community support and engagement. We enjoy our offices being a space to host the efforts and happenings of our communities.


The deep, dynamic experiences of our broker team brings our clients reliable guidance informed from a collective knowledge that is unparalleled in our market. Our brokers and owners have decades of experience in all facets of real estate, construction, development, marketing, and sales.

What’s not mentioned there is recruiting. That’s because we don’t do it. Well, at least not in the traditional way. Agents always have a way of coming to us through our business acumen; we grow organically through the relationships we cultivate.

Cross Sales

We treat other industry professionals like they are our clients too, especially the agent on the other side of the transaction. Regardless of the nature and tone of the sale, our agents treat their fellow agents with respect, professionalism, humor, and honesty. That does not go unnoticed. Our reputation in the industry is well-established and other agents know they can trust us. 

Education and Sharing Information

We like to share. 5 Points Realty is known for being forthcoming and generous with knowledge. It’s powerful for all stakeholders to be informed. We answer all calls and have opened our training to all agents.

Fun and Community

We really like to have fun, and believe the more the merrier! Whether it’s a weekly lunch, brewery event, art shows at our office, our annual Mimosa party (known to host up to 1,000 people) or any of the other social events we schedule, all are welcome and encouraged to hang. This is not only relationship building with our clients, it’s relationship building with the Charlotte agent community.  

Marketing Team

We have a creative and energetic marketing team that works with our agents to create their brand, bring out their personalities and speak to their audience. They work with each agent to compose mailers, listing packages, and buyer and seller presentations unique to each sale. 

We love creating dynamic, fun, colorful, and relatable content online. On our Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll not only notice fantastic imagery and listings coverage, but also great market watch and fun travel vlog-style posts about Charlotte history, neighborhoods, and events.  

Our name and reputation offer a tremendous amount of support for new agents. Just being able to proudly state you work with 5 Points Realty opens doors. We play well together and all agents rise because of it. We don’t need to recruit agents directly; people who hold the same values are drawn to us, and know how valuable long-range effort and relationships are to us and to them.  

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