It’s time to get your home ready for Winter. I know, it’s hard to hear isn’t it? We are still in the throes of pumpkins, and football, and debating who has the best chili in town. But the Fall temperatures are falling fast and before you know it, yep, Winter.

So we thought we’d reshare our best advice for making sure your home weathers the season well with the 5 Points Winter Prep House Maintenance checklist.  

Dealing with the leaves is the first step. 

Charlotte is known as the City of Trees so you can imagine the cries around town with that beautiful foliage drifting to the ground. Not so pretty all over your yard! It’s crucial to rake leaves up promptly. Allowing them to linger for too long can harm your grass, which might not concern you during win

ter, but you’ll certainly regret it when your yard looks lackluster in spring.

It’s noteworthy that these fallen leaves are excellent for composting. They can be transformed into valuable nutrient-rich material for your garden come springtime.

But the leaf duty isn’t over yet! It’s time to clean out the gutters. 

Trust us, those leaves find their way in there! Clogged gutters can lead to water-related issues. If handling this task yourself feels daunting, it’s wise to hire someone. It’s a far more affordable option than dealing with water damage to your siding, roof, or foundation.

Next on the list is preparing outdoor plumbing for the colder season. 

Fall is the perfect time to drain outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems, protecting them from potential damage due to freezing temperatures. While replacing a garden hose might not dent your budget, fixing sprinkler systems can be a costly affair. Given the sudden drop in temperatures from balmy to chilly, it’s best not to procrastinate on this task.

Ensuring your furnace is winter-ready is crucial.

This isn’t the area to flex your DIY skills. It’s advisable to have a professional inspect it before the rush of emergency calls when the first freeze hits and people panic because their systems aren’t functioning. Covering your AC unit if it’s no longer in use helps safeguard it from debris and ice. And don’t forget to switch the thermostat from cool to heat inside!

Taking a stroll around your home is more than just a leisurely activity. It’s an opportunity to conduct essential checks:

  • Look for sidewalk cracks that need repairing.
  • Inspect weather-stripping around doors.
  • Ensure roof shingles are intact.
  • Test for burnt-out bulbs in your outdoor lighting (since it gets dark earlier during this season!).

Home safety should never be overlooked. There are a few other things to put on your Winter Prep House Maintenance Checklist:

Testing batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide monitors is imperative. Reviewing or creating a family fire escape plan is a proactive step towards safety. And if your fire extinguisher is over six years old, it’s time to replace it. Don’t have one yet? It’s high time you got one!

With efficient planning and an early start (and that morning pumpkin spice latte), you could potentially tackle most of these tasks (depending on your home’s size and yard) before your friends arrive with chili for the big game kickoff.