We have been trying to think of a way to express what relationships mean to 5 Points Realty.  Specifically we are talking about the relationships that bridge and weave this fantastically strong and beautiful tapestry with our clients, our community, business owners, our fellow real estate professionals within our firm and throughout the real estate industry. It is difficult to even begin with a word. Fundamental? Yes. Important? Not strong enough. Crucial? Getting there. Let’s use a metaphor: If 5 Points Realty is the body, our relationships are the bloodstream. We can’t fit it into just one quip of a blog post. This begins our series “In relation to” where we will tell you about the aspect of our business we are most proud of: our relationships.

Let’s begin with our newest agents.

In the last year 5 Points Realty has grown, adding 11 new agents. For a boutique firm this is a significant addition, especially considering 5 Points Realty does not recruit. These talented, driven, agents are people we already knew. They were drawn to us and we were drawn to them in the organic way that 5PR is known for. Perhaps we had a cross sale with them in the past, maybe they were previous clients, or we worked together for a community event. In any case, we want to share a few of their stories with you. 

Sumer Woods

Sumer and her husband Matt were buyer clients of Cassee Cunningham circa 2011. At that time, Sumer was utilizing her Masters in Medical Social Work for Hospice and palliative care.  Cassee and Sumer became friends over the years and shared a passion for design and real estate aka cool houses (BTW Sumer has a very cool house). Sumer made the huge and courageous decision to switch careers and take up real estate. She is now an associate with Cassee and she is killing it! 

“The people are what drew me to 5 points,” Sumer said. “Everyone I met who worked for 5 Points was amazing and I knew I wanted to be a part of the community. 5PR is more than a workplace; it’s a friendship and family. One of the things I enjoy is everyone’s desire to help each other, there is not that sense of competition that I have experienced at other places. Plus, it’s FUN! How many people can say they actually want to hang out with co workers and go to work events lol. “

Bobby Bock 

Bobby and his wife moved to Charlotte and worked with Michael Doney to buy their first home. Michael encouraged Bobby to consider their first home an investment, and choose the location accordingly. Bobby caught the real estate bug and now is doing fantastic work with buyers and sellers of the same mind.

“I had worked with 5 Points on my personal homes and investments,” Bobby said. “Mike Doney was and is incredibly knowledgeable and really helped to make sure we were taken care of and understood every aspect of buying and selling properties. When I decided to get my license, the process was incredibly easy because Mike had already taught me pretty much everything I needed to learn to pass the exams. Pair that with the atmosphere at every 5 Points function that I was invited to and it was a no brainer to join!”

April Crigger-Hudson 

When April and her wife Lisa moved to Charlotte about two years ago, Beverly Newell helped them find a home. April has a master’s degree and a diverse background in service, statistics and teaching. She decided with Bev’s support to pursue residential real estate and she is doing great!

“What drew me to 5 Points was first, the amazing care Bev took with my wife and I during our purchase of a new home,” April said. “I realized the integrity, honesty and collaboration between the agents at 5PR was unmatched with any of the other firms I interviewed with. After speaking with Edwin, Michael and Charlie (5PR owners), I realized this was the firm that felt like ‘home’. I love that the agents of 5PR see the exponential value of working with each other rather than against. It just feels good, and WE HAVE FUN!”

Brandon Williams

Brandon moved from Orlando to Charlotte primarily to be with his fiance, but once here fell in love with the city, too. He had worked at the University of Central Florida in board relations and used the move to transition to a new career in real estate. He applies his life and working skills to form a genuine connection with his clients and they love him. 

“Friends of mine who are also on the board of directors with Twirl to the World knew I was pursuing real estate,” Brandon said. “They asked me if I wanted to interview with one of the owners of the best firm in Charlotte. That’s when he connected Edwin and me. I was nervous, but Edwin told me to just be myself. This was the first of three interviews with 5PR ownership. When I compared my experience with Edwin and 5PR to interviews with other firms, it was like comparing random houses to my home. I knew in my heart that this was where I belonged. What the owners (Edwin, Michael and Charlie) presented about their firm was genuine and true. 5PR is a family that wants you to be your authentic self, teaches you a lot and likes to have fun.”

Drop us a line to tell us about your relationship with 5 Points Realty.