Charlotte has a thriving coffee scene and our crew at 5 Points Realty has strong ties to this java culture. Our series “in relation to” allows us to tell the stories of our treasured relationships with so many different facets of life and living in Charlotte that all were born of real estate.  

So, let’s raise a mug to the amazing people who brew some of the best coffee in Charlotte.

Calvine’s Coffee 

Liz Haigler first met Calvine Fraser of Calvine’s Coffee  while volunteering at an expunction clinic (that’s where people can learn about having charges removed from their criminal record).  Calvine was providing coffee for the volunteers. It’s worth noting our Liz Haigler volunteers her time more than anyone we know. 

Calvine’s love of coffee comes from her best childhood memories. She would watch her Mom and Grandma sitting around the kitchen table singing, praying and talking, always with a pot of coffee brewing. Coffee represents these moments of communion for Calvine that have inspired her journey into the coffee roasting business. 

Calvine has long forged relationships with Charlotte institutions. Early in her career she supplied the coffee to Central Piedmont Community College. Today, her coffee is sold at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and is available in Harris Teeter.  

Calvine has enlisted the help of her friend and real estate broker, Liz Haigler, to find a spot to have an actual shop where people enjoy her gourmet roast coffee. Soon, Calvine will have her coffee shop. Perhaps more than one! We are proud to know and share in Calvine’s coffee dreams. Stay tuned! 

Central Coffee Co.

Cassee Cunningham has based her real estate career, in part, to the dedication of a good cup of coffee. Her bio has always read, “My one rule in moving to a new city is simple: Live within walking or biking distance to a great cup of coffee.” So, it’s not a stretch that amongst Cassee’s first real estate clients in Charlotte were Jimmy and Louisa Kleto who own Central Coffee.  

Jimmy and Louisa opened Central Coffee on the corner of Central and Louise Avenue in 2009. It’s a perfect little shop perched on the edge of the Elizabeth, Plaza Midwood and Villa Heights neighborhoods. It beacons everyone in for a wonderful coffee or Cassee’s favorite cappuccino and a warm delicious slice of homemade quiche.  

Cassee has been Jimmy and Louisa’s real estate broker from their first home to their third, through the births of their children, when they needed more space to manage the pandemic years, and the real estate choices that Jimmy and Louisa made to support their coffee business.  

Cassee frequents Central Coffee almost on a daily basis, knows and jokes with the baristas and uses the coffee shop for business. A sense of community is at the foundation of Central Coffee, and the basis for how Jimmy and Louisa Kleto run their business. All are welcome and all have a seat at the table for a hot cup of joe at Central Coffee.  

Enderly Coffee

The story of 5PR broker Edwin Wilson and Enderly Coffee goes deep and is rooted in believing in and supporting hard work, small businesses and a neighborhood community. But let’s start with our relationship with the coffee shop owner.  

In 2007, Edwin helped Tony and Becky Santoro find a home in Enderly Park. The couple was moving from Michigan and had accepted teaching positions with CMS. While teaching, Tony also began to roast coffee beans in his backyard in a propane powered roaster. He packed his beans in jars, loaded up his car and began to sell his coffee. He gained a foothold with places like Rhino Market and Common Market and grew his business to dozens of accounts.

Tony told his real estate broker and now friend, Edwin, about his dream of a brick and mortar coffee shop. With this in mind, Edwin and Michael Doney identified a great little brick building in Enderly Park that had been a small grocery store and was located right in one of the small business corridors on Tuckaseegee Road. After purchasing the building Edwin approached Tony with the idea of opening his dream coffee shop there.

Today, Enderly Coffee is thriving. It roasts, hosts, serves and employs neighbors in this beautiful spot.  

There’s just something about the conversations that happen around a good cup of coffee. We hope you’ll check out our favorite brews. You never know, you just might make a new connection or find your new favorite blend. 

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