What do you do when you see your neighbors? Do you divert your eyes and look away, hoping they don’t want to stop and talk? Do you wave and keep going? Do you stop to chat and end up standing in the driveway for an hour talking, or invite them to continue the conversation at dinner?

Neighbors are an important part of our communities, and National Good Neighbor Day, coming up on September 28th, is a time for you to celebrate those people in your neighborhood who make a living there that much better. You know, we are talking about the folks on your street who let you borrow their lawnmower when yours is broken, the ones whose kids play with yours, or who you call when you need an egg or a cup of milk. 

According to a National Association of Realtors Community Preference Survey, 78% of respondents said that the neighborhood is more important to them than the size of the home.  

WHY take the time to invest in your neighbors?


Maybe you’ve heard about or experienced what can happen when people are at odds with their neighbors. It’s no walk in the park. Who needs the extra stress? Being a good neighbor is about keeping the peace. We’d all like to live happily ever after, so try to accept your neighbors and respect their differences.


It’s a good feeling to know that your neighbor is watching out for you. Sure, it’s nice to have someone collect your mail when you are on vacation, but the real peace of mind comes in knowing you can count on them in an emergency. Heck, neighbors can be more effective than patrolling police when it comes to spotting something out of the ordinary.


Neighbors who value each other tend to value their properties, as well, and it shows in safer communities, in a more engaged population, and yes, that means your neighborhood will be more appealing to other homebuyers.

WHAT does it take to be a good neighbor? 


Well, you might think everyone should already know. After all, it’s not brain surgery,  it’s common courtesy. But if everyone knew then we’d all be living in a utopia of sorts. So, we put together a list that can help you go from being a good neighbor to a great neighbor and make your hood a happier place to be. 

Charlotte has dozens of neighborhood associations that help people connect to their neighbors and promote their shared interests. They might organize a back-to-school social, gather to clean up a park, or promote local businesses. Getting involved in a neighborhood association is a wonderful way to meet people and take an active role in making your little place in the world a great place to live. Check out our blog that highlights some of the best events put on by Charlotte neighborhood associations and learn how to find one near you!

Won’t you be our neighbor? Give us a call and we can help you find the perfect neighborhood for you!