At 5 Points Realty, we love our clients. We really do. Our relationships go way beyond closing day. Buying or selling a home is a major milestone in our lives. That’s why we approach the process like we’re looking out for family members, and why our clients often become close friends. 

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating the love between our agents and their clients. Here are some of our favorite stories.

Kelly Loeblein

“I feel very fortunate to love my clients. Recently, I worked with a couple on a long and arduous home search. It was during the height of the market’s craziness, with multiple offers way over asking price on every property. We saw many homes and wrote many offers. It was a heartbreaking process. Finally, my clients took a risk and made an offer to buy a site-unseen home in one of their favorite neighborhoods. They were ecstatic when they got the house.

They recently texted me a picture of their engagement on a beach in Hawaii. It meant a lot that they wanted to share their good news with me. I hope that I will continue to get updates on big milestones in their lives.”

Ian Leonard

“One of my very first clients, when I moved back to Charlotte in 2014, was a super nice guy. He was recently divorced and looking for an inexpensive place to resettle. He had just started dating this awesome woman who would come with us occasionally on home tours. She wasn’t scared of anything, sliding into crawl spaces and climbing into attics. After a few months of searching, we found a FSBO condo off Albemarle Road. The price was right and it was actually a pretty nice place for $55K. The new girlfriend was there every step of the way. You could tell they were going places. I wasn’t surprised at all to get a call two years later that they were getting married and were ready to sell the condo. They gained quite a bit of equity during those two years and were able to purchase a much larger home to start their new family together. Today they are doing great and enjoying life in coastal SC with their children.”

Sumer Woods

“I feel lucky that I already knew my first clients. They owned my gym. Being small business owners themselves, it was nice of them to give me a chance at being their agent. They really understood the struggles. Since I was new, it was so comforting to know I had people on my side. When she brought her father to see the house, he was a harsh critic, but he reminded me so much of my dad. Going through the process of helping them buy their first home turned them into lifelong friends.”

Cassee Cunningham

“Oh, gosh! I have a lot of stories about me falling in love with my clients (wait does that sound weird?). Maybe a better way to say it is I just love them as people and want them to be happy. 

One young couple holds a very special place in my heart. They are the sweetest, kindest, most hard-working people and were trying to buy their first home somewhere around 2012ish. It was after the last crash and before the height of the last boom. Let’s just say it was a time that we could still find a home in NODA for around 200k. We were under contract, but the lender (which shall remain nameless) really liked to scrutinize first-time home buyer loans. 

“We made it to the day before closing, late in the afternoon on Thanksgiving eve, when we found out the lender denied the loan. Gulp. U-hauls were loaded. Leases had expired. In other words, my buyer was homeless during the holidays. I can’t remember a time before or since where I was more stressed out, frantic or heart broken for my clients. Long story short, we kept them under a roof until we could finally close after Christmas. They rolled with the punches, stayed patient and sweet, and we became closer as friends and clients. Since then, this beautiful couple got married, had a beautiful little girl and moved to a bigger home (selling their NODA home for a healthy profit). They are currently living happily ever after.”

We look out for our clients, always work in their best interest and truly care about their happiness. We feel so grateful that they trust us with some of the most important milestones in their lives, and we can’t wait to help with yours. 

Will you be our Valentine?

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