Most people wish they had MORE space in their home. More cabinets. More storage. More rooms. So what if you actually HAD more space? If you are lucky enough to have an extra room for something special and beyond sleeping, eating, or watching TV what would you do? 

We have some ideas that
A.  Won’t break the bank 
B. Will make the room easily transition back to a blank canvas 
C. Are custom fit for you. 

An extra room can add function to your home, support a hobby or provide extra hang out spaces.


Formal dressing room/walk in closet: Small bedrooms are great as a formal dressing room, complete with comfy place to sit, long mirrors, places for hats and hanging racks for clothes go ahead and spread out while you are trying on outfits. You never have to worry about what to do with all those shoes again!

Playroom: Get the toys out of the living and reclaim your adult space! Go bold with color, add storage bins. Kids love their own space! Moms love everything having its own space and Dads love not tripping over legos and dolls all over the house.

Home theater: Use the extra room to create the perfect place for the whole family to watch a movie together. Paint the room in dark colors, and add a big flat screen tv and you are half way there. Toss in a row of recliners or a giant sectional sofa and start the popcorn!


Art/Craft studio: Another favorite is a creative space to paint or whatever you like to create. A drafting table, book shelves, supply cubbies. Go ahead and throw a drop cloth down instead of a rug (it looks industrial cool) 

Music room: Art not your thing? How about music? Designate the perfect place to write, play or record. Sound is typically an issue in a music room. Adding a rug, window treatments or upholstered furniture can help absorb the good vibrations coming from the room.

Home Gym: A fitness fanatics dream! No more dragging yourself out of the house for your 530am workout! Get a few machines and put them in your extra room or add a mirror and a yoga mat or go simple with weights and a jump rope or a boxing bag.


Old school game room: These are really easy and look so retro-cool. Vintage board games, an actual radio playing the local jazz station, or a record player featuring Tijuana Brass or Frank Sinatra while playing twister or Uno sounds like a great way to use an extra room in your house.  

Library: Bookworms rejoice! Books take up lots of space so instead of cluttering up your bedroom give them their own room! Wall to wall bookshelves with comfy spots to curl up and read is all it takes. Oh, don’t forget good lighting!

For many of these spaces, you’ll want to use moveable furniture to outfit the room for an unorthodox purpose rather than adding irreversible hard changes like built-ins or moving walls. 
The possibilities are endless! What would you do with the extra space?