Drive to any Charlotte area home improvement store on a Saturday and you’re likely to see a full parking lot. It seems there is always someone with a to-do list. Summer is a great time for tackling some renovation projects that not only add to the function and style of your home but also improve it’s value and curb appeal.  After all, more people are out and about during the summer months, so you want your house looking in tip-top condition.

Here are some renovation projects you can do in a weekend.

Power Wash

Blast away the dirt, grime, and buildup off your home, sidewalks, and deck. Power washing can even get rid of oil stains in the driveway! This can improve the curb appeal of your home. If you are getting ready to sell, adding curb appeal adds up to 12.7% more value to your home. If you didn’t know, power washing and pressure washing are two different things. Power washing uses a lower stream of water with a soap solution. 

Angi ranks it as the number one summer improvement project. It doesn’t cost much to rent a power washer if you don’t have one but you will need a little know-how to make sure you don’t damage your home in the process.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fans not only serve a function but can add value by helping to preserve energy costs. That old ceiling fan that’s been hanging in your house for years may still cool but chances are not as efficiently as newer models. Look for models that are Energy-Star rated. 

An old fan can really date the look of a room. A new ceiling fan gives a room an instant style makeover.

Upgrade Your Entry Door

Old doors don’t just look blah, they often don’t open and close as smoothly or seal as well. There are seemingly infinite options for styles when it comes to front doors. Budget is another consideration. Steel is more expensive than fiberglass or maybe you are looking for a striking wood door.

Whatever you choose, replacing the front door is one of the top remodeling projects with the highest return on investment

If you don’t have the budget to fully replace the front door, consider painting the one you have.


No doubt, you’ve noticed which house has the nicest yard in the neighborhood. With a little work, you could be a contender. Landscaping can add approximately 28% to the overall value of a home. Whether you want to add some simple flower beds or create an elaborate courtyard, take a little time to research what plants will work best in your space before you jump into this weekend project. 

These weekend projects won’t just give the look of your home a facelift but they will help maintain the home for years to come.