It’s been almost a year since our homes became our refuge from the COVID pandemic. We added work, and school, to the list of things we count on our homes to accommodate. We hunkered down in our kitchens and entertained in our backyards. This Valentine’s Day, get your house a gift that says Thank you for being there whenever you need it! 

While it might sound crazy to get your home a Valentine’s Day gift we think crazy is ok given the state of the world today. Besides, let’s be honest, you may have to shelve your normal plans this year. We’ve got some ideas you’ll really love, at home!

So in the spirit of why not, here are a few traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts with a twist… 

A lovely Valentine’s Dinner: 

Add a little love to your kitchen with new dinnerware, colorful bowls or a new appliance like an air fryer or crockpot to make dinnertime easy while you are juggling work and school from home. If you can spend a little more money consider refreshing the backsplash, or get a new light for the island.


Whether your budget is small or large, nothing brightens up a space like fresh flowers. They are a great way to cut through the gray days of winter!

A romantic comedy:

Who doesn’t love a great movie on Valentine’s Day? Give the room where you’ve been watching Netflix a good makeover. Vacuum the floors and, while you are at it, use the vacuum attachments you tend to ignore to get in between the couch cushions! Clear the clutter. Spread the love by donating any old movies or games you no longer use to a charity. Make sure you have comfy pillows and throws for your movie watching pleasure.

A good love story:

If you don’t have anyone to snuggle up with, grab a good book. Now is a good time to organize all those books cluttering up your house. Sell or donate the ones you don’t want or need anymore. Winter evenings on the couch with a good book are dreamy on Valentine’s Day or any day!

A spa night:

Tell your family you will go back to your regular mom/adult duties tomorrow but it’s time for a little self-care. Splurge for a new shower head in the bathroom and use that new lotion you got for Christams, then crawl into bed and get some sleep or binge your favortie show. Rotate your mattress before you put on fresh sheets. Rotating a mattress every few months will help extend the life of the mattress.

A makeover:

It’s been a long winter stuck inside. Welcome the impending arrival of spring with a new welcome mat for the front porch. Clean off the mud and snow, and general dirt from the entryway and porch. Organize the winter gear collecting in the corner.  

5 Points Realty loves our clients and we love knowing that you are safe and protected in your homes.