The Whitewater Center has proven to be an absolute treasure for the Charlotte area in so many ways and it’s drawing the attention of would-be homeowners. 

If you aren’t familiar with the Whitewater Center, you should be! Make plans to go immediately (but finish reading this blog first!) It is an outdoor activity wonderland in West Charlotte. It sits on 1,300 acres of protected land along the Catawba River. There is no shortage of beautiful spots to hang out and enjoy. There are so many events and activities to choose from, including whitewater rafting, mountain biking, weekly outdoor concerts or just grabbing a burger and a beer and taking it all in. In the winter, one of the whitewater courses is transformed into an ice skating experience that is wildly popular. 

What we like about the Whitewater Center is how seamlessly it fits into the landscape. The center was created with activities that support an all-encompassing experience around the outdoor lifestyle and we support its mission.

The U.S. National Whitewater Center’s mission is rooted in the belief that we all share a genetic code that compels us to play outside and share these experiences with others. Whitewater’s mission is to build stronger communities by promoting healthy and active lifestyles, developing environmental stewardship and encouraging family and civic interaction. 

Increasing property values

The whole vibe of the Whitewater Center really feels organic, and does nothing but raise the value of the land and property adjacent and around. It’s not surprising we are getting calls about where to live nearby. The problem is your options are a bit limited. The Whitewater Center facility is nestled in undeveloped land, so there isn’t any development immediately around it, which is good for keeping the beauty of the area intact! However, there are really wonderful neighborhoods within five miles, and on the same side of the Catawba River. Each of them have their own vibe and are worth considering. 

Neighborhoods nearby

  • Coulwood: this our go-to community. There is so much to say about this mid-century neighborhood. It is well established, friendly and great for families. They also have the best pool and best neighborhood 4th of July parade in Charlotte in our opinion. You just don’t find many neighborhoods like this one anymore.
  • Wildwood: this is the closest neighborhood to the Whitewater Center and there are brand-new homes active on the market right now. The homes are traditional and the lots are generous. 
  • Pawtuckett: this is an older, established area that has different eras of homes stretching back to 1950s ranches. This is a larger neighborhood that has subdivisions too. We think Pawtuckett is really an area to keep your eye on. 
  • Arlington: this isn’t the pink building that glistens over the South End skyline. This is another great west Charlotte neighborhood.

Proximity to the Whitewater Center is an attribute to any homeowner. Give us a call to talk about exploring the options to live nearby. We love any reason to head out to this area! 

Development update: The River District