Dads, we see you. We know how hard you work and how little you ask. So, for this Father’s Day, instead of another tie, a box of golf balls or a bottle of cologne, we want to give you a space of your very own: a man cave.

A man cave can be so many different things. Maybe it’s a basement with a wall of TVs. Or, it could be a shed out back with a humidor the size of a small refrigerator. Take that extra bedroom and convert it into a workout space just for you. All a man cave NEEDS to be, is a comfy place where you can go to relax and pursue your hobbies that’s away from where the rest of the family gathers.

We put together a list of ideas on how to create a man cave, dad den or bro basement. Highlight what you like and forward it to your loved ones with the subject line: HINT, HINT!


You can create a man cave wherever you have some extra space. Many people convert their garage, or part of it, into a gathering place. Of course, we are knocking on summer’s door and the garage is going to get HOT. 

If you have a basement, you could convert that space (or part of it) into a man cave. You could also convert an extra bedroom, a loft or bonus room, you could put a shed out back or even use a large walk-in closet, if you can spare it.


Don’t just throw TVs on the wall and try to recreate a sports bar. The best man caves have a specific theme. Think about what you, or the man in your life really loves to do.

Here are some ideas: 

FOOTBALL FAN: If your man is a die-hard Carolina Panthers fan, go all in. Paint the walls teal and get a plush, black sofa. If you have a treasured game ticket, autograph, or jersey – frame it. You’re going to need a big TV to watch the games, and maybe one or two smaller TVs to keep an eye on other games. You can create a similar space for baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer fans. 

THE GOLFER: Dad can’t get to the green every day (even if he wants to) so bring the green to him. Replace the flooring with carpet that looks like grass. Create a putting green. Frame the program from that one time he went to The Master’s. 

THE WHISKEY ENTHUSIAST: Paint the walls Aged Bourbon, it’s actually one of Valspar’s 2023 colors of the year. Get a bar cart and fill it with spirits of different ages and brands. Get your special man a set of rocks glasses, shot glasses and snifters. 

MUSIC MAN: Whether your man is a Dead Head, a Springsteen fan or prefers Dave Matthews Band, give him a space to listen to his favorite music. Take his old concert tees and make them wall art. Frame tickets, album covers or posters. You can add a record player and a special display for his vinyl collection. If he plays music, mount his guitar collection on the wall and soundproof a space where he can jam out without anyone complaining.

GAMER: If dad’s more into video games, give him a space where he can have his friends over and play. (We know he’s not 12, but sometimes it’s fun to feel like it.) Get him a really comfy and ergonomic gaming chair, a big monitor, and all the controllers he could ever want. Make sure to add a mini fridge and snack area for when he needs to re-fuel.

LITERARY BUFF: Maybe your man just wants a quiet place to read a book. For this guy, get a big bookshelf for his collection. Frame quotes from his favorite authors. A funky reading lamp and a big, comfy chair is a must for this space (though, probably not a recliner unless you want to create a napping area). An electric fireplace would be an amazing touch.

POKER PLAYER: Get your man a real poker table and a set of personalized chips. Put a dimmable pendant light over the table (don’t want to create a glare on the cards). Snacks and snack tables are critical for this space. On the wall? A picture of dogs playing poker, obviously.

Whatever your special guy is into, give him the space to have fun with it. 

Now, if you REALLY love the dad in your life you’ll call us to shop for a new home that has the features HE wants. Maybe he has a couple of extra cars he wants to keep out of the elements and work on them in air conditioned comfort. We can certainly find you a three car conditioned garage. Maybe he wants an outdoor kitchen on a killer deck to grill while enjoying the weather and watching the big game, whatever game that may be, we got you. Maybe he wants a pool, and a hot tub? We can find that. Dads need closet space too. And doesn’t he deserve a steam shower? We can make that happen.

We hope all of your wishes come true! Happy Father’s Day from all of us at 5 Points Realty.