This may be the Myrtle Beach you know and love….

the bustling energy of things to do and beautiful beaches to soak in the sun.

We love it too, but there’s so much more to the area than you may catch on your annual trip to visit. 

As we sink our toes in the sand and learn more about the communities around the area so that we can offer our clients a rich perspective on second homes and investment properties, we are finding some off-the-beaten-path things to do along the Grand Strand.

Here are a few things you might want to check out on your next trip when you want to get away from crowds and mini-golf courses.

Don’t Get It Twisted Restaurant & Bar 9400 Shore Drive, Myrtle Beach

5 Points Agent/Broker Ian Leonard says the food here and ocean view more than makeup for the silly name and dated decor. From steaks to shrimp, owner Jenny-Jo and chef Adam provide an unexpected experience you won’t soon forget. When every other restaurant in town has a two-hour wait, you can usually slide right in at this hidden gem. It’s located at the end of Shore Drive in the Sands Beach Club. 

Pine Lakes Tavern 5201 N. Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach 

This little spot is more popular with locals than tourists. Think of it as the Thomas Street Tavern of the Grand Strand. Don’t be shocked if the wait staff remembers your name and wants to do a shot with you! It offers standard pub fare but also a charcuterie board, truffle burger and a chicken-pesto cauliflower crust pizza. *Pro-tip: the bar is raised and the chairs are on wheels. Don’t sit near the steps*

La Belle Amie Vineyard’s 1120 Saint Joseph Road Little River, SC   

When you want more than a beach and bar food, check out this vineyard for Wednesday on the docks and Saturday concerts. Along with food and, yes, wine, you can get one of their famous wine slushies.

Huntington Beach State Park

It is possible to enjoy the beach more naturally, without rows of tourists blocking your view. The park has 3 miles of beachfront and lots of hiking trails popular for birdwatching. You can even camp overnight on the beach. While you are there check out Atalaya Castle and the Brookgreen Gardens.

Travelers Chapel, 1785 United States Highway 501 East, Conway, SC

You’ve probably passed this little church driving Highway 501 but didn’t even notice it since your eyes were set on getting to the beach. It’s about the time in the trip the kids are getting restless. The tiny chapel in Conway measures just 12 x 24 feet. Only 12 people can fit in its tiny pews. It’s reportedly one of the smallest churches in the United States. You can go anytime since it’s open 24/7, and make sure to sign the prayer book where anyone can write down their thoughts and prayers. The prayers are collected each month and have been kept since the chapel was built in the early 70’s.

Do you have any favorite off-the-beaten-path things to do in the Grand Strand? We’d love to hear about it!