You may not know this about 5 Points Realty agents, but we do a lot of cool stuff. We are not just your real estate buyer, seller, broker, we are also business owners.  We are invested in Charlotte and the neighborhoods that make it a great place to live.

The ability to hold the space in our communities as business owners and real estate professionals provides our clients with a unique and extremely valuable point of view.  Because our clients oftentimes are small business movers and shakers, too, that work really hard and provide Charlotte with its character and much-needed services.  

We’d like you to meet a few of our agents that are also successful entrepreneurs.  

Dustin Ward 

Dustin began working in a local garden center at age 15 and the rest as they say is history. He put his degree in Horticulture to work with multiple Flower shops including Gallery of Flowers in the University area and Red Bridge Floral Marketplace. 

Dustin knows being an entrepreneur can be challenging. He got his real estate license to help others fulfill their goal of owning and investing in real estate.

Chris Hogan 

Chris has been in Real Estate since 2012 and has also recently purchased his own insurance agency.  It’s not a typical insurance agency, but rather a brokerage service that shops the insurance marketplace for the best rates for his clients.  Several of our 5 Points realty family have used Chris to save 1000’s of dollars in insurance rates.  

Evan Hopkins

 Evan Hopkins started his side hustle as a way to save his dads business after he was diagnosed with cancer and became too ill to run his business. 15 years later he has over 600 clients from a humble beginning of 35.  Find him at Hopkins and Associates Inc   

Cassee Cunningham

Cassee has run a staging business, Stella Home,  for almost the same amount of time she has been a real estate broker.  Staging and real estate, in Cassee’s world, go hand in glove.  “I started with a coffee table and a colorful wall hanging,” she said. “Now I have 2 warehouses full of cool stuff!” Sometimes Cassee wonders if staging is just an excuse to hoard cool furniture and local artwork. You can follow her on IG: @stellahome and FB: @stellahomeclt.  

Greg Miller

Greg joined 5 Points in July 2021. A few months later he also joined Measure America and learned how to measure homes as a “side hustle”. “I enjoy this new endeavor, and look forward to measuring homes each day,” he said. “To be able to add this service for potential buyers and sellers is great, and I have even gotten the opportunity to help fellow 5 Points agents with their seller’s homes as well.”

The team at 5 Points takes pride in having a side specialty we are able to offer our clients as well. We got you covered from all angles.  Although they are not highlighted in this post.  We have builders. We have community activists and organizers. Shout out to Liz Haigler running for city council.  Heck, we even have bartenders.  

Whether it’s a side hustle for a little vacation money or a full fledged business, our businesses outside of being an agent are further proof we work hard to keep our city going. After all, it’s our home, too.