We’re just going to say it. Football season won’t be the same this year. Say goodbye to traditional tailgating. Many schools will play with empty stadiums, others are limiting attendance. Even the Carolina Panthers have opted to start the season without any fans.  The NFL is leaving it up to individual teams and their local governments to determine whether fans will be allowed back into stadiums.  As of this writing, North Carolina’s COVID-19 restrictions prohibit outdoor gatherings of 25 or more people. So, we’ll do what we’ve been doing since the COVID pandemic started in March. We’ll adjust.

You can still enjoy Fall and Football. You’ll just likely need to make a few changes in how and where you watch your favorite team play.


There’s nothing to stop you from having a few friends over to watch the game. The biggest change will be limiting attendance. No big bashes in this COVID climate. Current restrictions allow for indoor gatherings of 10 people or less. This might be the time to get that outdoor TV you’ve been wanting…. 

In order to be extra safe, you might want to consider doing a tailgate potluck and have everyone bring their own snacks. 

You could also offer prewrapped napkins and silverware like these we found on Amazon.


On alternative to having people crammed inside your home or on your patio… is a neighborhood driveway or culdesac party… This allows for extra space between fans and friends, more people can be involved and it keeps everyone outside where they are at less risk. Plus, it would be fun to take your brew and walk from driveway to driveway or car to car chatting with neighbors or friends at a safe distance. 


Of course, you don’t have to watch the game at home. Charlotte has great sports bars and some rocking outdoor patios for such an occasion. Keep in mind, restaurants and bars will be required to institute their own social distancing measures so you might want to call ahead so you know what to expect. Some places are now requiring reservations in an effort to adhere to capacity limits.


We didn’t want to say it but it is an option for people who want to watch the game with friends but aren’t able to any other way for whatever reason. Don’t worry, it will be a lot more fun watching the game on Zoom than that work meeting you had to sit through.

Oh yeah, and no hugs when your favorite team scores a touchdown. High five, then sanitize! Remember, we are adjusting…..