The summer garden season is winding down but that doesn’t mean your garden dreams have to come to an end.

  • September is a good time to set out landscape plants. 
  • Chrysanthemum plants and pansies are also good to plant.
  • Remove all the weeds from your current garden but do NOT prune your shrubs yet. 
  • Look for spring flowering bulbs so you are ready when it comes time to plant in October.

For the last few months, 5 Points has been sharing our own garden transformations with you. In our final installment, we want to share how 5 Points Agent Beverly Newell and her wife, Kelly are adding curb appeal and value to their home while creating a space they can both enjoy. 

“My wife and I have always enjoyed time outside,” Beverly said.  “Just like a majority of us, during the pandemic this became crucial for our sanity and mental health.  So, we started with a plan to make our outdoor space a staycation dream.”

The front and side yard

Experts recommend planning your garden before jumping in. 5 Points Agent Cassee shared some insight on serious garden planning for her backyard garden in part one of our gardening series.  Beverly’s plan includes two of their favorite trees in the front yard, a Japanese Maple and a Corkscrew Willow. 

They enlisted the help of a neighbor (Whole Grain Trades, @WholeGrainTrades ) to design an above ground box for spring tulips and the Japanese Maple and for matching new shutters. 

“Kelly (my wife) loves the sale racks of Lowes outdoor plants,” said Beverely. 

Pro-tip, hit the discount racks on Mondays and Tuesdays towards the end of that item’s growing season.

“She always says “never underestimate the little guys” and has brought twigs back to life.   I am sure there is a life lesson in that statement,” Beverly laughed. “We love colors and variety, it is also exciting to see a wilted plant come back to full life and color.  Our neighbors enjoy watching the transformation every season.”

Backyard Chickens

Beverly and Kelly’s backyard oasis includes chickens. 5 Points agent Brad also has chickens. This is becoming a popular trend as more people care deeply about where their food comes from. Chickens actually require less space than you might think but you should consult local ordinances before buying them. 

“We started with a coop on wheels 6 years ago and moved to a traditional site built coop 3 years ago,” said Beverly “ They have their own shade tree and protection from predators.  We find some of our most peaceful moments when we let them free range around us in the open yard.  They are far more intelligent than we give them credit for.  The eggs aren’t bad either.”

The pandemic purchase

Many homeowners can jokingly point at that one thing they bought during the pandemic. You’ve heard of pandemic puppies, right? Well, Beverly and Kelly went with something bigger. A pool.

“Someone asked me when I knew I wanted a pool, I replied “when I was around 4 years old”,’ laughed Beverly. “We had been a member of a private pool for a few years and it was always an exciting part of every summer.  When the pandemic hit we lost that part of summer.  I missed the community/tribe feeling from that pool.”

Beverly had a client who bought a home with a 1950’s pool that was brought back to life by a pool builder.  Her first order of business was a meeting with David with Todd Pools in April of last year. The pair shared their vision with the builders.   “My favorite thing is a cannonball and Kelly’s is a nice tanning ledge.  So we designed our pool to embrace both.  We also needed to pick the perfect location, so we studied the sun’s path and picked the location for the pool based on the path it takes in the late spring, summer, and early fall,” said Beverly. 

When planning a pool it is important to make sure that the layout will fit the family lifestyle… even the four-legged family members. Beverly said,  “Having large dogs we needed to make sure they have their space too.  It all came together and we could not be happier with it.  I have helped a few clients do the same this past year, it is exciting to see their backyard dreams come to life.”

The community at their pool is growing and the cannonballs are flowing. 

Want to create your own paradise? Give Beverly a call.