Maybe it was love at first sight from the moment you stepped into your house. Or maybe your love grew as the home filled with memories of friends and family. Our relationships with our homes are like any other relationship. If we don’t invest in it, we start to lose interest. We feel disconnected. Don’t take the love you have for your home for granted. So while you are making plans for Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, consider showing your house some love, too.

Give your home a makeover. Chocolates won’t do your home any good but a little makeover might be just what it needs. It can be as simple as rearranging the furniture in a room, or reorganizing closets. If you want to splurge, then opt for retiling the backsplash or putting on a fresh coat of paint. Some updates add to the value of a home.

Buy it something nice. Fun new throw pillows for the sofa, a new fixture to update your bathroom, or a trendy new light are all ways to freshen up your space. A new front door can make a huge difference in curb appeal and safety.

Try something new. Let’s be honest, relationships become routine over time so why not change things up a little. Maybe it’s time to host that neighbor dinner party you’ve been saying you were going to do. Get some friends together for a casual potluck. Add a fire pit to the back patio and make some s’mores. 

Protect it (and the ones you love inside). Everyone should feel safe and secure in their own home! Now is a good time to do an annual review of your homeowner’s insurance policy and make any needed adjustments. Same goes for the home warranty. Also, consider adding a security system like the Ring to the front door.

Give it a spa day. Well, not exactly a spa day, that would be strange, but a deep cleanse might be in order. It’s hard to see the dirt that builds up when you live in it everyday. Hire a crew to clean the floor and baseboards. Power wash the siding and/or the driveway. You’ll be amazed at how that makes the concrete look like new!

Over time it’s natural for the luster of your relationship with your home to fade. It’s easy to focus on the kitchen cabinet that doesn’t close right anymore or the closet you wish was bigger. Just don’t forget all of the storms your home has protected you from or the memories you’ve made with it. It’s good advice for real people too.

Investing in your home’s look and maintenance is a win-win. It will both save you money in the long run and ensure you have more good years ahead together.

Now open up that good bottle of wine with your Valentine and remind yourself why you fell in love with your house in the first place.