Selling a home in the Fall requires a unique set of considerations for a quicker sale.

While you can’t count on a vibrant sunny day, there are ways to showcase the beauty of Autumn for a prospective buyer.

Make it feel cozy and warm

You don’t want would be homeowners walking through your home feeling cold. Have an HVAC professional do an inspection to make sure the furnace is running smoothing. You don’t want any unusual smells or clunking noises to turn buyers off with fears of costly repairs.  Go ahead and replace the air filter too  to help your keep the air inside fresh.

Feature the fireplace

Fireplaces can be an attractive feature for homebuyers in the Fall. Make sure yours works. After all, the new home owners will want to take full advantage of the fireplace in the coming months. If it’s cool enough, light the fire for a showing to show it works.

Embrace the season

Fall is a cozy season so you can use that to your advantage to add to the homey vibe of the space. Add a Fall wreath, mums or pumpkins to the front door. A cute new welcome mat doesn’t hurt either. Just don’t overdo it with over the top Halloween decorations that can be distracting.

Lighten it up

Fall days tend to be more gloomy so you want the inside of your home to have as much light as possible. Start with cleaning the windows. Summer storms can leave windows dirty so wipe them off. Make sure to pay special attention to the window sills where the skeletons of spiders, flys and mosquitoes can collect. Next, your homes lighting indoor and out. Make sure table and floor lamps are turned on before afternoon showings. Check the exterior lighting to make sure there are no burned out bulbs. Exterior lighting is also important to the safety of a home this time of year and can add to the curb appeal.

Make smell good

Cinnamon, apple, pumpkin spice, and vanilla are smells that appeal to buyers’ senses. You might want to consider candles, potpourri, or fresh muffins with these favorite fall smells. 

Rake it up

The gold, orange and red leaves of Fall are pretty on the trees but in the yard make a homeowner’s head spin and conjure up images of clogged gutters. If you are selling your home in the Fall, don’t wait until the end of the season to rake up all the leaves. Keep the leaf clutter out of your yard while the home is being shown regularly.

Prune it

While we are on the subject of the yard. Go ahead and prune all the dead plants as soon as possible. Pull the annuals that are slowly decomposing in the flower bed. A clean empty bed is better than one with dying vegetation.

As always the goal is to boost your homes marketability and make it stand out above the competition. Let us know if you need some help.