Carolina summers are hot. And the heat is on when it comes to selling your home before the start of a new school year. A new school year is stressful enough for families without having to move at the same time. So here’s our advice for selling a home in the summer. Sell summer? What? We can explain. 

Here are 6 areas that highlight the summer season AND help you sell your house!

The yard: 

People are spending more time outside. So your exterior is especially noticeable this time of year. We should mention that curb appeal is always important as it gives people their first impression about what the inside of the home looks like… BUT in the summer, would be homeowners are paying extra attention to the yard. Is the grass green? Is the landscaping manicured? Are there flowers? Now is not the time to scale back on mowing and trimming.

Outdoor living:

Outdoor living areas in the Carolinas can be used most of the year but outdoor entertaining is top of mind during the summer months. Now is a good time to spruce up your outdoor area. A good power wash or a new coat of stain can work wonders on an old deck. Think about how you ‘stage’ this area just as much as the inside!

Keep your cool:

More specifically, keep your house cool! Would “would be”  homeowners want to walk in from the heat and get some relief! Make sure your AC is working properly. And it might be good to keep a pitcher of lemonade on hand for showings to offer at showings. 

Vacation vibe:

Let’s face it, would be buyers might be wishing they could go on vacation or still hold fresh memories of the vacation they just returned from. People love vacations and summer is a great time to add a vacation vibe to your house. Think lush bathrooms and comfy bedrooms, bright pops of color, fresh flowers, breezy tropical touches like wallpaper, pillows, or art.

Light it up: 

Have you ever noticed your eyes need a minute to adjust when you come in from outside? Sometimes your home will look darker than it is.  People love the lightness of summer. So throw up the shades and open the blinds. Show off the natural light in your home. Add landscape lighting to your yard or string lights to a patio.

Bug out:

Along with the biting mosquitoes in your backyard… pesky bugs, in general, tend to make their way inside the home more during the summer. Clean out the spider webs, dead flies in window sills, and ants. Call an exterminator to make sure you won’t have any issues. Make sure to remove standing water in the backyard to keep mosquitos at a minimum or have your yard sprayed for mosquitos so the little ankle biters don’t give potential buyers an unwelcome hello.

Of course, don’t overlook the basics. Cleaning and decluttering are ALWAYS a good idea to help you sell your home any time of the year!