Aaaah, the holidays! You know how it goes. You’ve got people coming for dinner. You can’t forget to pick up the pie. If you are lucky, you’ll have a little extra time to start your Christmas shopping after work. Oh yeah, and there’s a request for a home showing. Selling your home around the holidays can be stressful! November through January are typically low traffic months. But there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of selling your home at the holidays.

Less is more when it comes to Holiday decorations 

This is not the time for wall to wall decorations. Too many decorations make a home feel cluttered. While you may love looking at the decorations that are part of your family traditions, cluttered often equals small in a buyer’s mind.

  • You might also consider a tabletop tree instead of a giant one that takes up the room.  
  • Avoid religious-themed Holiday decorations if you are going to be showing your home to potential buyers. 
  • Remember not to cover up features like stairs and fireplace mantels.

Don’t hide gifts and unwrapped toys in the closets 

Buyers LOVE storage. It’s a priority for many would-be homeowners so it’s not unusual for buyers to open closets as they tour the home. The fewer items in a closet the bigger the space will feel.

Cozy up your home

Turn up the heat, play some chill tunes and sit out some baked goods.  The more time buyers spend feeling warm and fuzzy in your home the better!

Find motivated buyers

One of the advantages of selling your home at the Holidays is that buyers tend to be more serious. The only reason you’d buy a home this time of year is if you really need one! Ask your real estate agent how they plan to target those buyers.

Opt for a video tour

Bad weather and Holiday vacation plans can mean less foot traffic but a virtual tour allows buyers to see you home without leaving theirs. Video is no substitution for great photos. Photos are still critical in the home selling process but the extra option of video in the Winter months is a smart move.

Keep in mind that buyers who need a house fast might use the typical days off around the Holidays to check out a few places. That’s why it’s important before you settle on your real estate agent, you make sure they aren’t going to disappear during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s. It will help eliminate the additional stress this time of year if you know you can count on them when you need it. Depending on your circumstances, it might benefit you to hold off for a few months and wait until the New Year to put your home on the market. We have experienced real estate agents who would be happy to help you figure out the strategy that’s best for you! Give us a call!