There are new kids on the housing block. Their ads have probably popped up on your computer screen. Maybe you’ve seen them on TV. ”Knock”, “Open Door” and “OfferPad” sound to good to be true (and you know what they say
about things that sound to good to be true… )

Knock offers to buy your new house for you before listing your old one.
Opendoor says sell to them and skip the hassles of showings.
Offerpad touts flexible closing dates and throws in a local move for free.
With all of those ‘carrots’ dangling in front of you why not ditch the traditional broker facilitated
residential sales process?

Keep in mind, these are all for-profit companies, which means they are going to make a profit.
With all of the activity in the digital real estate realm, their profit margins must be good. They
make their profits either through commissions or resale of homes they have acquired.
In a nutshell, these companies offer to sell or buy your home with ease. The reports are coming
in that sales prices offered by these companies are significantly lower than market value.
Knock’s claim is to list your home using comps and fair market value. They also deduct any
repairs they deem necessary.

In our opinion, the Charlotte market is not a good fit for these services. No, we’re not just
saying that just because we are real estate agents. Charlotte has more people moving and seeking
housing than we have inventory to fulfill. Markets where these services do very well are
Phoenix, Dallas and Las Vegas. These markets have more housing inventory than qualified
buyers. Here are some other things to consider.

Lack of market knowledge. Every market is different. There is no way that someone sitting in
an office in another city, regardless of the data at hand can offer the same nuances about
neighborhoods as someone who lives and works there. For instance, there are many streets in
Charlotte that separate neighborhoods. The home value on one side of the street will be
significantly different than the other side.

These services lack much-needed human interaction. You are better off with agents and
realtors who can actually see the properties in person. This ensures a more accurate evaluation
so they can sell at or above current value.

Limited customer service.  All of the companies offer representatives that can speak to you but
they are not true client advocates like an agent. They don’t negotiate price, terms or repairs on
the clients’ behalf.

Some people think if you can get a mortgage online why not get a realtor online too. We
understand the thinking but there is a big difference in the overall experience when there is
someone on your side to help you with your goals beyond just a transaction.

We have a full staff of respected, knowledgable, creative agents who know the ins and outs of
the Charlotte market and are ready to help make the home buying or selling process enjoyable,
and at your highest profit.