5 Points Realty knows that look. The one you get when you see ‘the one.’  The beginning of a house love story. That twinkle that tells us a house has already found its way into your heart. The look that leads to visions of your family sitting around the kitchen island or watching movies by the fire. The look that signals … you might be falling in love.

We’ve all been there, hoping that those butterflies turn into something lasting and real. Buying a house is emotional. It’s ok to admit that. 

Our agents/brokers have their own love stories and we thought it might be fun to share a few with you.

“She was a charmer”

Matt Edwards/Realtor-Broker

Matt Edwards is currently remodeling the very first home he ever bought. The plan is to sell it, but Matt admits, “It’s a very bitter sweet process.” He’s lived in this house the better part of 5 years. “I bought this house as a total blank slate with a lot of charm left from the 1950s,” he said. Matt added landscaping, a garden and little updates that compliments the cool 50’s vibe. He took care to preserve that part of the home’s history. While he says he will miss the home, it is time to move on to the next project.

“Love at first sight”

Cassee Cunningham-Real Estate Broker/Home Staging

Cassee’s love story began in Seattle, Washington. The year was 2003. This single-family home was the first home she ever bought. 

“I was in the Coast Guard at the time,” recalled Cassee. The home was all she could afford back then, but Cassee says she fell in love at first sight. “It had so much personality and a rocking chair front porch.  I also loved the authenticity of my neighborhood and loved my neighbors.” She lived there for 3 years before deciding to leave the Coast Guard and head East to Asheville N.C. “It was such a sweet 100-year-old bungalow in an older not so desirable neighborhood in Seattle,” she said. Now that neighborhood, Columbia City in Seattle is one of the trendiest. It’s also the home that gave Cassee the renovation bug she carries to this day. She renovated the basement into a full extra apartment.

“Sometimes you just know”

Ian Leonard Realtor/Broker

Ian Leonard knew this 1930’s fixer upper had to be his. He says he knew it  “the first time I saw it.” He was sold on the huge front porch and bungalow style. Like many love stories, this one involved a little investment. He said,  “It was a lot of work but fortunately a lot of the original fixtures were still intact.” He called it home for 3 years.

Homes are like our real life relationships, some come and go, others live forever in your heart. We’d love to hear your house love story. Share it with us on social media!

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