Finding the right real estate agent takes more than the luck of the Irish! 

From chemistry to credentials there is a lot to consider when choosing the agent who will help you navigate one of the largest investments you’ll ever make! 

We outlined some of the steps you should take to find an agent that’s right for you.

But if you were dating someone you’d do more than just check a few references from friends who know the guy right? You’d likely ask a lot of questions to see if he or she is going to fit your lifestyle and meet your needs. The same goes for a real estate agent!

A good real estate agent won’t mind the questions and will understand ‘why’ you are asking them!

1. How long have you been an agent?

The longer an agent has been in the business the more likely it is they have a wide range of experience to help you deal with anything that comes up in the homebuying or selling process. A seasoned agent may also have more relationships with other real estate professionals and area lenders. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great less experienced agent strong negotiation skills. It’s simply one of many factors worth considering.

2. How many homes do you help buyers purchase each year?  

In 2019 the average number of homes closed per year for a real estate agent was 12. If your agent is way below that it could be an indicator they aren’t competitive. If your agent is way above that, it might make you wonder if they will have time for you. 

3. What is the average time your Listings’ spend on Market?

This is a good barometer of success but keep in mind there are totally acceptable reasons and exceptions as to why that number is what it is. They should be able to explain the number regardless.

4. Do you work full-time or part-time as an agent?

You want to be certain your agent is dedicating as much time as possible to working for you. 

5. Can I see your real estate license? 

This should be super easy for any real estate agent to answer.

6. Do you know a guy? 

The homebuying process often involves mortgage brokers, appraisers, attorneys, inspectors, sometimes general contractors. A real estate agent with a large network of experts can make the process less stressful.

7. How do your realtor fees/commission Work?

You never want to get into a contract without understand what your financial expectation is going to be.   Commissions can vary from agent to agent and market to market but typically it is around 6% for both the buyer’s agent and seller’s agent commission.

8. Will I be working with just you, or with a team?

If you expect to work one on one with an agent and their assistant shows up instead, you may be disappointed. Be clear about who your primary contact will be and how anyone else might be helping. A small team can be helpful to getting answers more quickly and offering more resources.

9. How Do You Plan to Market the Home?

You need a plan to sell your home and while there are some universal strategies that work you want a plan that FITS your home. In a tight market, it is important that your home STANDS OUT from the crowd.

It could also help you to know if your agent specializes in a particular style, price range, or market.

As we mentioned in our blog that outlines steps for finding the right agent we recommend talking to several agents BEFORE choosing one. 

Our 5 Points agents are ready to talk to you.

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