It happened to us too. We had big plans to once again celebrate Pride in Charlotte, and then, COVID. This would have been the 10th anniversary of our 5 Points Realty Mimosa Party. Sounds fun, right? Well, it is! Or… was!

5 Points Realty has always been a proud and outspoken supporter of LGTBQ rights. We are so proud of the fact we have been welcoming everyone to our happy joyous event as an occasion to honor, love, and support equality and freedoms for everyone.

This free event has been one way we show our love for the Charlotte LGBTQ Community.  The 5 Points Realty Mimosa Party was always the unofficial “official” start to all the Pride events happening in Charlotte… until this year.  This year, everything is different, including no Mimosa Party.

Our Mimosa Party began with a gathering of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues and all else who wished to celebrate Pride.  People of all different backgrounds were invited to come together and celebrate in a garden-style, late morning kick-off party. Brokers were encouraged to invite people that mattered to them.

The owners of 5 Points Realty could not be prouder of what this event has grown into over the years.  At last count, approximately 1000 people attend last year’s event.  It is truly beautiful to see the community come together.

In lieu of our celebration of equality, aka the Mimosa Party, this year we have routed the same love, time, energy, and financial resources towards another very timely need in our community.  

We launched a Black Lives Matter funds matching campaign to support Changed Choices. This Charlotte non-profit helps women transition into society after being incarcerated through healthy uplifting choices and self-sufficiency.  

According to their website, here’s how it all started:

“Back in 1999 Ruth Snyder began visiting two women incarcerated in the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Detention Center. She found the ladies broken, afraid and feeling very much alone. Ruth recruited others and they began to teach, mentor and encourage an increasing number of women at MCSO on a spiritual and emotional level. When the women left MCSO to go to prison, personal contact continued through the mail and phone calls. It was out of this that “Changed Choices” was born. “

Changed Choices

5 Points Realty feels this is an important cause given the significant increase in women’s incarceration in recent years, and how little attention and resources have been paid to meeting the needs of women re-entering their communities.

We also recently held a blood drive at our Plaza office with OneBlood.  If you have questions about sponsoring a Blood Drive, these folks are easy to work with and will bring their mobile blood drive to you.  

We have Pride in Charlotte. 
You can follow Changed Choices on Instagram at @changedchoices.