There is no greater measure of a real estate broker’s success than the love of his or her clients. We at 5 Points Realty have to stop sometimes and acknowledge the true appreciation we receive from our buyers and sellers and what better time to do that than the month of love! Keep in mind, we don’t expect or ask for testimonials from our clients. They arrive unsolicited which is even more powerful.  

5 Points Realty Agents have a similar way of supporting their clients, like wrapping a warm blanket around them.   Many of us have retained our clients for years through many transactions and have become friends.  We have mentored our clients and have even helped clients become real estate brokers themselves.  5 Points Realty has always had an open door, friendly approach as well as being fierce for our clients.   

These testimonials show what the 5 Points Realty agents are committed to for every client.

We are committed to good communication.

Dawon was really great to work with through out this process of getting my first home. She really guided us at each and every step of the process. And she was very responsive to get back to me at any point, when I had a question or a concern. Me being a very detail oriented guy, she was always there to get answers from the sellers party when required. I would surely recommend her to my friends. Thanks a lot Dawon for making my home buying process an easy one.

We tell you the truth.

I know Tracy to be a really hard worker. My wife immediately connected with her and realized quickly how knowledgeable she was. We looked at A LOT of homes. My wife fell in love with a property due to its location. It would have been in Tracy’s interest to go along. She addressed some significant issues she would have in listing that property. You just can’t teach someone to care. They either do or don’t. She patiently showed us homes until we found the perfect one. It works for everyone in the family. She is extremely knowledgeable about homes and the problems that are material vs minor. Right at closing we ran into a glitch at the final walk through. She is no pushover. So excited to move to our new digs this weekend.  – MarcZ

We go the extra mile.

We make YOU our partner.

Michael went above and beyond to ensure a seamless sale of my property. He set expectations during initial intro calls, helped me push through my indecisiveness along the way, and held my hand over the finish line. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner! Thanks Michael!

We treat you like family (the family that you like)

At 5 Points Realty we like our clients so much we think they’ll like each other too and offer many opportunities to just be together with special events throughout the year. These love letters from our clients fuel us to give you superior service.  These are just a snapshot of the kind words from our clients, all 5 Points agents are committed to serving every client with the same care.