We hear it a lot these days. ‘I need my own space!’ With families forced into tight quarters, spending time at home nearly 24/7 while the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the need for flexible spaces to accommodate everyone’s life has never seemed more important.  Actually, needing space for all those facets of our life is not a new trend, it’s just really apparent right now.  

  • People have been working from home for decades now even before the ‘Stay at Home’ orders were issued. Chances are when all this over, many will be working from home on a more permanent basis and need a dedicated workspace.
  • More parents are choosing to home-school with or without a pandemic.  
  • Cottage industries like; working artists, Hairstylists, massage practitioners, etc are happening more from home spaces due to the cost of commercial real estate.  
  • Creative space.  Creativity is on fire right now, and creativity is a valued commodity.  Just check out ETSY. 
  • Private spaces for women i.e. She-sheds, as they were known, were high on wish lists before anyone even heard of the coronavirus. Same goes for a Man Cave for the boys where they can toss back a few with their besties. 

Now the rest of the family is feeling the need for a place to retreat, create, relax, and play outside of their own rooms.

All this to say not every house regardless of the square footage has the layout to accommodate all that we ask of our homes these days.  In order to have a “dedicated” space for a particular activity, it has to feel, you know, dedicated.  In other words a door at the very least.  Giant open floor plans often lack the separate spaces needed.  

A Five Points buyer family comprised of Facebook engineer work from home Mom, Musician Dad, and 2 very active and smart homeschooled little boys were looking for a house to accommodate all of their daily life and work needs.  Interestingly they had been renting a 2800 sq/ft house, big right? But the open floor plan made for a cavernous loud environment that was unusable for Mom, Dad, and kiddos.  They ended up finding a perfect home for them smaller in square footage but had all the spaces they needed including a garage studio space for musician Dad.  

We understand this and constantly are on the lookout for properties that serve many masters.  In fact, we have a fantastic listing right now that is absolutely perfect for a big beautiful busy life.  

321 S. Summit Charlotte N.C. 28208 in the historic, eclectic, and family-friendly  Wesley Heights neighborhood.  Panther Stadium is the backdrop for this property. There is a perfect blend of urban and suburban here.  This particular property was first built as an ample duplex in 1940.  It has since been renovated top to bottom and converted, beautifully, to a single-family home.  Our sellers have added a carriage house with 2 car detached garage and fully appointed apartment.  Sooo many fabulous spaces.

Imagine doing your yoga here… a moment of zen for mom before the homeschool day starts! The best part about flexible spaces is they can be anything you want.

What would you do with this giant rec space? If you’ve got teenagers we are sure they will have a few ideas. They might have to fight with Dad who might see it as a man cave. 

The home also has a dedicated office (no more working at the kitchen table!). Oh, but wait… This isn’t just any office. A separate exterior entrance, fireplace, and bathroom make this a very impressive office space.  

And a super cute, super functional private fully appointed garage apartment.  Now that’s flexible space!

The house is perfect for a large family. In fact, our sellers are a family of 6 that lived, worked, played very well in this fantastic house.  

This house is active, vacant, and available to see now.  The possibilities are here for you, your family, and all that you do.  

As Mother’s Day approaches, the best gift you can give mom right now is a little space all to herself… so stay in your rooms, give up control of the remote, and don’t bother her while she’s in the bathroom. Someday you might be able to live in a home that has space for everyone’s dreams but for now, mom gets first dibs on the space you already have. And pick up your clothes, would you?!