The 5 Points Realty family has deep roots in our community and we believe very strongly in caring for each other. We put our time and energy where our hearts are. For that reason, we would like to point out just a few outstanding organizations that might be worth your time and some of the 5PR people who are making a difference. 

Tracy Gregg and Regional Aids Interfaith Network, RAIN

RAIN was founded in 1992 to provide support and services to all people living with HIV/AIDS. RAIN wants to break the stigma around HIV and for those living and managing this disease. The organization provides much needed support, including access to affordable housing, transportation to treatments, and counseling services.

Tracy started working with RAIN more than 20 years ago, before she was a real estate broker. Its mission is personal for her. Tracy lost her best friend and roommate to HIV/AIDS during her college years. She honors her friend and wishes that RAIN had been available then.

Her introduction to the organization was through Gay Bingo. Some friends invited her to this outrageously funny fundraising event, and she had a wonderful time. She went again, and shortly after she became more involved in RAIN. 

“It was amazing to me how few people were responsible for organizing and putting on this huge production,” Tracy remembers. She is now one of those few people behind the Gay Bingo event. In addition to Gay Bingo there are other fun and fabulous events that support RAIN, including the AIDS Walk Charlotte.

If you care to support this organization check out the RAIN website for giving, volunteering and event information.

Cassee Cunningham and Veterans Bridge Home

Veterans Bridge Home helps veterans and their families who are in transition into civilian life. Through networks of partners, they help connect vets with employment opportunities and other vital connections in the community. 

Cassee went to her first VBH luncheon after being invited by her locksmith, Fred Peterson. Fred was wearing a United States Coast Guard hat one day when he was changing the locks on one of her listings. Cassee served as an officer in the Coast Guard for 11 years and of course had to ask about Fred’s hat. It turns out that Fred also served in the USCG, just a few decades earlier. No matter the time difference, they were shipmates.

When Cassee attended her first VBH luncheon she was touched and impressed with the amount of people who participated. There were people participating from all sectors of the Charlotte community from banking to trades and of course, real estate.

If you care to learn more about supporting Veterans Bridge Home, check out their website for volunteer opportunities, events and giving.

Brandon Williams and Twirl to the World Foundation

TWIRL: The Way I Really Love, The Way I Really Listen, The Way I Really Learn, The Way I Really Let Go, The Way I Really Live. 

Twirl brings relief and joy to the world through social advocacy and hardship assistance for vulnerable members of the Charlotte LGBTQ+ community. Twirl began in 2009 collecting toys for children in need. As a result of the COVID pandemic in 2021, Twirl began the TAP Fund – Twirl Assistance Program. TAP provides emergency aid to LGTBQ+ adults in need. These emergency hardship grants help with healthcare, housing, food assistance, and any other urgent need. 

Brandon moved to Charlotte already knowing the founders of Twirl, Zuni Johnson and Jason McCraw. Brandon was experienced with working on boards, having just served on the University of Central Florida board of trustees. His experience with organizing and setting up committees was very valuable to Twirl’s efforts. He quickly became a board member and started managing social media. Brandon also brought another member to the Twirl board, our own April Crigger-Hudson.  

Twirl’s mission is to make a difference, one dance step at a time. They have four main fundraising dance party events each year. However, the organization is working with local businesses to create more fun opportunities. For example, Pilot Brewing is highlighting Twirl as its April Charity of the Month. The brewery is making a limited small-batch beer called “Twirl”, with a portion of the proceeds given to the organization.

Check out Twirl’s website  for more information, and contact Brandon directly for more ways to join in. 

Last but not least

We want to recognize Virginia “Ginni” Lane, our lovely and hardworking marketing maven and her partner Henry Miller, who have started the unofficial: Sadie’s retirement center for old dogs.  No, there is no website or foundation event to attend. We just think it’s sweet and kind that Ginni and Henry continue to adopt aging dogs from the local Humane Society. We hope sweet Sadie rests in peace, she just passed at the age of 14. Ginni rescued Sadie from the Greenville Humane Society just hours before she was to be euthanized. Sadie had a wonderful nine more years. Thank you, Ginni and Henry.  

Whichever cause you’re passionate about, we encourage you to get involved and make a difference. Our community thrives when we all care.