The real estate agents at 5 Points Realty love to call Charlotte home. Many of us have lived here for years! But we see people everyday moving into new communities ready to lay down roots. We know what it’s like to feel excited about belonging to a new neighborhood. We also know it can make you feel a little anxious until you get to know your new hood and find your people. 

So here’s a little advice from some folks who have been right where you are now. Try these 5 ways to get to know your new community.

Facebook your way to new friends

Many communities in Charlotte have their own FB groups. There are mom groups. There are school groups. Most offer not only information but an outlet for your questions… like who knows a good dermatologist? Have tickets gone on sale for the dance at my kid’s high school? Where do I find a good contractor to fix the deck? You get the idea. It’s a great place to start to learn about your community and begin to connect to the people who live there.

Don’t toss your junk mail (at least not right away)

Those flyers in your mailbox can tell you about local events coming up. They are also a good way to learn about potential businesses you want to check out. You might also discover a potential babysitter who lives down the street (their homemade flyer will certainly stick out among the coupons)

Talk to your neighbors

It’s a revolutionary idea in our digital-focused, too busy to stop and chat world we live in. But truly, neighbors who have lived in the area a long time will be a valuable source of information, and you might just meet a new friend you want to invite over to sit on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine. While you are on a roll talking to your neighbors take it a step further and talk to the barista at the local coffee house or the mechanic who is checking out your car. When people hear you are new to the area they are often happy to share what they know.

Get involved

Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for someone to ask YOU. Decide how you’d like to spend your time. Maybe you want to volunteer at your child’s school, maybe you want to help out a local charity or maybe you want to attend a networking or charity event to meet new people. The point is to DO something.

Support local businesses

Forget the chain restaurants and the national chains. Local folks are super plugged into their communities. Several include a bulletin board with local events and activities you might want to check out. They are a great way to meet new people. Who knows? Your new bestie might be ordering the same type of coffee when you are there.

We are sure if you take any of our suggestions, you’ll be loving your new home as much as we do.