The last time you rented an Airbnb did you look at the reviews before you confirmed your reservation. Most people do. In fact, positive reviews equal higher occupancy rates in the land of the sharing economy. The listings on AirBnB with a 5-star review are the most consistently rented properties.

Before you decide this blog isn’t for you because you don’t rent your home on Airbnb, answer this question….  Would you rent your home for $799 a night? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider it for people coming to Charlotte during the Republican National Convention in August. That’s how much the right house can generate. 

Don’t let the price get you too excited. Play it smart and consider these 4 factors before you list.

  1. Location. Location. Location. Homes closer to Uptown and the light rail are going to get top dollar. 
  2. Price. Your location and what your guests need will primarily determine what rent you will be able to get. 
  3. Insurance. Before you list, talk to your agent to see if your home would be covered should something happen. Consider that when accepting guests.
  4. Ask your HOA. Not all homeowners associations will approve renting your property even in the short term. You don’t want to have to spend your profit on paying a fine.

Here’s what you can expect if decide to go for it.

Already hundreds of Charlotte homes are listed on the site and the closer we get to the RNC, the more likely you are to face stiff competition. Which leads us back to the reviews. They matter.

The power of an Airbnb review can make or break a listing.
Here’s how to get your home a 5-Star Airbnb Review and earn you more money.
  1. Respond quickly. People shop around. In many cases, the price alone won’t be the deterring factor. They may even send out multiple inquiries. The faster you respond the more more likely you are to get the reservation. Response time is factored into your listing’s SEO.
  2. Free stuff works. Really, who doesn’t like free stuff? Snacks like chips, crackers or chocolate are above and beyond the typical coffee, and bottled water at most places. These kinds of items make a space feel more welcoming. Airbnb’s co-founder says offering a hairdryer results on average on $10 more per night. Leaving them a handwritten Thank You note for choosing your home, goes a long way too and doesn’t cost you a penny!
  3. Don’t stretch the truth. Your renters will quickly figure out your quiet street isn’t quiet… or the walkable area is really a 15-minute walk to anything. Be honest and accurate with your descriptions and pictures. 
  4. CLEAN like your mama is coming over to visit. Guests are picky about cleanliness. They want it to pass the white glove test. Having even the appearance of an unclean space will certainly be reported in the review. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional cleaning crew to get the place in order and make sure no dog hair or your hair is anywhere to be found. 
  5. Leave a complete house manual. This is one of the best ways to be proactive about what your guest might need. From how to work the remote, to what to do if something doesn’t work and where to go to enjoy their stay… here’s a template to get you started.

Remember most guests don’t want to talk to you more than they have too. A well-stocked house, clear information, and a few fun perks are all that’s needed to leave your clean house a 5-star review.