Congratulations your home is on the market! Now it’s time to show off! Well, not you, your home. Now it’s time to get your home ready for showings!

If you have done your homework, you are already working with an experienced and hardworking real estate agent who is doing everything he/she can to market your home. But selling a home quickly and for the most money possible is a partnership and you have to do your part!

When it comes to showing off your home in the best light there are some tried and true practices that can help, like keep it clean, make it smell good, clear out the clutter and open up the windows. Most likely you’ve heard those before, and with good reason. Those simple practices can help improve a showing and allow other people to envision your home as their own.

But there are a few EXTRA things that can make a big difference but are often overlooked.

ADD FLOWERS OUTSIDE: The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see. You may have already mowed the grass or trimmed the bushes but adding a bright colored pot of flowers on the porch or a cheerful wreath to the front door makes your home stand out as extra welcoming. That’s exactly how you want them to feel walking in the door.

DUST FAN BLADES AND MANTLES: Now that your home is listed, your real estate agent will likely ask you to clean up before a showing. BUT fan blades and mantels should get extra attention. When potential buyers walk into a room and turn on the light they tend to look up at the light. You don’t want a thick line of dust outlining the blades. Same for the mantel. Potential buyers look closely at mantels and what is on it!

MOP THE FLOORS: Just running a broom over the kitchen floor isn’t enough. You DON’T want a would be homeowner ‘sticking to the floor’ when they walk through.  Mop the floors just in case there are any spills that didn’t get completely cleaned up. Plus, the little extra shine makes the room look newer.

CLEAR OFF THE FRIDGE DOOR:  Whether yours is filled with your child’s artwork, report cards, family photos or magnets touting the electric company… clear it off! It makes the room feel more modern and that’s a good thing when it comes to selling a home.

CLOSE THE TOILET: When it comes to both showing and photographing your home, this little trick can make a surprising difference.  Cleaning it is important but there is something about a closed lid that makes it feel cleaner.

ORGANIZE THE LINEN CLOSET: Most people open the linen closet when they check out a house. If yours looks organized and roomy, it’s a sign that there is plenty of storage.

Work with your real estate agent to determine anything else that should be done before you open your home to interested buyers. Utilize their expertise in maximizing the viewing potential of your home before any showing or open house that is planned.