Historic Preservation is sexy.  Historic preservation is cool.  Now that we have your attention what we really mean is; Historic preservation is more important than you can imagine.  

   “Architecture is the very mirror of life. You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society.”   I.M. Pei

5 Points Realty is so darn proud to be a Title Sponsor for The Power of Preservation hosted by The Charlotte Museum of History. It is hard to over-state how we feel about holding on to the pieces of our past to preserve our story.  Well, maybe it’s not considering that 5 Points got its start by 5 agents with an intense love of design and a passion for architecture.

Look around. There are so many popular places in Charlotte made even more enjoyable when you consider their place in the city’s history. For instance, take The Thirsty Beaver. It is the “David” to the developer’s “Goliath.” It is a small cinder block building proudly holding court surrounded and bullied by the giant apartment complexes that tower over it and crowd around it.  Yes, this is an example of historic preservation. 

Think of the mill houses in NODA or the bungalows throughout Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth neighborhoods. Of course, you can’t forget about Camp North End.  Those new uber cool workspaces and other development in that area are modern day homages to the history of what was. Yes, these are all examples of keeping and honoring history.  

Buying a historic property comes with a few more considerations than a typical home.

  • Most cities and/or towns have a commission that preserves and protects these landmarks so there could be limits on renovations or changes you can make, especially to the outside. Charlotte’s Historic Landmarks Commission was created in 1973. (add link)
  • Recreating architecture from the past isn’t always easy or cheap. Tracking down vintage features is a little tricky.
  • Older homes can mean more repairs. Historic properties aren’t necessarily for the move-in-ready kind of folks.

Historic preservation is not an abstract or un-relatable concept. In fact, the Power of Preservation awards intentionally open themselves up to a huge scope of what is important to all of us.  Anyone can submit a nomination to include project, person, structure commercial or residential.  

If you live in Charlotte this is important to you and the long term sustainable value of your home.  These projects add character and charm to our beloved city. Not to mention the fact, that reusing an existing structure rather than tearing it down and starting over reduces the carbon footprint of the building. Ok, we mentioned it.

Come join us August 22, 2019 and cheer on the people who are working to make sure the history of the city lives on for future generations. Tickets are available here.