Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at 5 Points Realty!

What are you most thankful for when it comes to living in Charlotte? Do you have a local restaurant you love that offers a relaxing end to the long day? Do you love the houses you see when you walk your dog? Are you thankful for good neighbors or the perfect teacher for your child? 

We couldn’t be happier to count YOU among the reasons we are thankful this year. 

We are so thankful that people choose us ever day to help them find their dream house right here in Charlotte, a city we love as much as you do. We are grateful that the houses we help people buy and sell are a part of their journey to creating a life they love. 

Here are just a few more reasons some of the newest members of our 5 Points family are thankful this Thanksgiving.

From Sumer Woods Real Estate Agent/5 Points Realty

“Some people are mountain people, some are beach well I love both and I love that Charlotte is an easy drive to either. I am thankful for all the different small areas around Charlotte that all have different vibes and experiences . I am thankful for the community of friends and support that I have built here.”

From Kurt Knaak/Real Estate Agent/5 Points Realty

“Charlotte offers a very comfortable “middle ground” in which to enjoy and build a very fun and happy life.  We are a little big city with all of the amenities to choose from but fewer problems.  Our weather is awesome.  We still get to enjoy all of the seasons without the extremes of any of them. Our populace is diverse, young, and educated which leads to creativity and energy.  Charlotte is not perfect but it has built a solid base that enables opportunities for all of us to grow and prosper.”

Lynette Knaak/Real Estate Agent/5 Points Realty

Dear Charlotte,

I wanted you to know how grateful I have been for your hospitality since I have moved here.  Your weather has been amazing.  Spring brings so many exotic, flowering trees and bushes that I had never seen before.  Summer is hot and thick but never dusty and windy. Fall is the best with its own shades and lovely evenings.  And even winter, though it can be dark and rainy , there is rarely a blizzard or white out.  It is just the best showcase of 4 seasons that I have seen in all the places I have lived.

I also love your tree canopy.  These towering beauties enfold your neighborhoods and as I walk them I feel a serenity, a peacefulness….sharing space with living history.  I love your trees. And finally, your skyline is amazing.  The differing array of architectural styles, the changing colors…just enough bling.  Thanks for having me!  I’m enjoying my stay

From Erica Vasile/5 Points Realty Office Manager

Why I’m so grateful to be living in Charlotte. 

I’m a first-generation southerner. My New Jersey born father met my Michigan born mother in Durham, NC and thankfully fell in love long enough to have my sister and me. We were raised in Durham, moved to Greensboro when I was in high school and then my sister and I moved to Charlotte 8 years ago! I’ve had short times in other places, studying abroad, traveling as much of the world as possible, grad school in NJ, and should have learned my lesson not to move away when I stayed two years way too long in NJ. I remember being so happy to be back home in NC, but you know how it goes… sometimes an opportunity sounds so amazing, you can’t help yourself! 

I’ve been so incredibly happy to be back! I get to see people I know when I’m out and about. I’ve found an incredible job with people I love and things are getting back to normal (kind of). Our new home has the best yard with beautiful green grass, which I appreciate much more after time in the desert, and a huge screened-in porch to shield us from ‘skeeters. By far and away, the thing I love the most about being here is that I’m close to my family again! I’m so grateful for them and I’ll never move away from NC again! (Unless Italy is an option, but then they’ll ALL have to go with us!)


Happy Thanksgiving 

The 5 Points Realty Family