5 Points Realty is taking our love for design, pride in our Charlotte roots and our support for local artists to a new level and you get the benefit! We are hosting our first artist exhibition featuring the work of Mark “Dash” Dalrymple. You can come and just admire the work, meet the artist and if you want, buy a painting to take home! Dash is an exceptionally talented artist with a passion for capturing wildlife on canvas. 

“I hope that whoever sees my art will in some way connect with it and experience a visual and tactical sense of appreciation of the emotional expressions that I feel in the creation of them,” Dash said.  “I have always felt the desire to add more than just paint to the canvas surface.”

The art in a home says a lot about the owner. It can lift moods, create a desired vibe and is a great conversation starter like these frogs (one of our staff’s favorites!).

Sip, nosh, mingle and admire

We hope you will join us Friday, April 1, 2022 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm (no fooling!). Nearly 50 pieces of Dash’s art will be on display and available for purchase. Ten percent of each sale will go to the World Wildlife Fund! We will also serve wine, beer and snacks while musician Bob Vasile provides the tunes. 

No babysitter? No problem! Courteous young art lovers are welcome. You can RSVP on our facebook event page.

Getting here

There is parking at 5 Points Realty, but we also encourage you to take the CityLYNX Gold Line Streetcar. The French Street Station is just a few steps away from our office door.

A little more about Dash

After Dash earned a fine arts degree from Appalachian State University, he traveled to Arizona, Colorado and California in search of artistic excellence. 

The desire to study and create art has been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. After my first formal oil painting lessons at the age of 10, I have sought to hone and improve my talents in every media possible.”-Mark “Dash” Dalrymple

He eventually settled into a career in advertising and commercial art. Now retired, Dash cherishes having the time and freedom to create art for pure enjoyment.

“Upon completion of the work, it is my desire that the viewer experiences an additional intrigue by the added surface breaks and wants to actually touch and stroke the canvas. I encourage this added tactile exploration to all my work, in hopes that the viewer may briefly experience what I feel as the piece is actually being created.” –Mark “Dash” Dalrymple

If you want to see more of Dash’s work, check out his facebook page