As homeowners in the Plaza Midwood neighborhood, the 5 Points Realty crew knows very well the anxious anticipation of what might eventually become of the Vanlandingham estate.  The Vanlandingham has been such a beautiful era-specific icon perched proudly on the Historic portion of The Plaza and an anchor of the beloved Plaza Midwood neighborhood. 

What would you do with a 7,088 square foot historic home built in 1913?

According to rezoning requests from the new owners of the VanLandingham Estate, you make it the center of new development.

The beloved estate was bought by Stono River Partners and Ascent Real Estate Capital for $1.5 million in March, according to county records. The Vanlandingham sits on a generous lot that seems ripe for a high-density developer to tear down the beautiful estate and build, well, something very different and very impactful on the neighborhood.  

The approved rezoning plans will add 2 new buildings to the property. According to site drawings the new buildings would sit at either end of the property.

The 2-story buildings will be called the Topiary Building and the Belvedere Building. They will house retail, office, and commercial space. Anxiety from the homeowners of Plaza Midwood is understandably based on the construction en mass of high-density apartment buildings all over Charlotte and especially concentrated in the Plaza Midwood area. 

It’s still not clear exactly what will be done to the home itself but it is expected to undergo major renovations. In a press release, the companies said it will most likely continue to operate as an event venue or be converted to office space.  Since the property is a historic landmark, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Historic Landmarks Commission will need to approve any plans.

Work on the property is expected to begin later this year.

The new developments are two of many that could bring new growth to the already popular area and change the face of the Plaza Midwood neighborhood

One of the biggest developments still to come may be the 12 acres at Pecan and Central. Central Square is expected to hit the market soon according to a flyer from Charlotte brokerage Berkely Capital Advisors.

As real estate agents on the ground day in and day out we watch the changes happening in Charlotte neighborhoods closely. The new businesses opening, the old ones closing all say something about the people and the places we love to call home.