A trendy Charlotte neighborhood is getting a new high-rise luxury apartment tower. But It’s far from the only development happening in the vibrant and ever changing community known as South End along Charlotte’s rail line.

You may have heard about 2161 Hawkins.  If that address sounds familiar it’s because it’s the current Sycamore Brewing site. Don’t worry your craft beer-loving-self about it. Sycamore Brewing is moving next door to The Line, a 16-story, 285,000-square-foot office building, at 2151 Hawkins St. 

The development is one of several planned to unfold in the next year. Look at what’s in store!

The news got us talking about this vibrant and ever changing community along Charlotte’s rail line. At last check (Nov. 2020) just over 17-thousand people (17,180)  work in South End and 9,200 call it home. More than half of the residents are between 20-39 years old.

They don’t call it Historic South End for nothing. Dilworth was Charlotte’s first suburb. As the story goes, Thomas Edison came to Charlotte in 1890 to see if electricity could be used in the processing of gold (it couldn’t). While he was in town, he had dinner with Charlotte construction boss Edward Dilworth Latta. Edison told Latta about his plans to run electric street cars out to the ‘country.’ The ‘country’ was a new neighborhood, Dilworth.

Since then Dilworth has grown into a culturally diverse corridor of art galleries, breweries, and great boutiques. It is also home to an array of food choices like the unique  FLOWER CHILD at 1537 Camden Road. The patio is directly adjacent to the Rail Trail. It’s the perfect spot for healthy food and people watching. 

Housing in SouthEnd’s neighborhoods range from mid-rise condos, townhomes and lofts to historic row homes and bungalows.

SouthEnd neighborhoods include:

Of course the rail line is a magnet for development like 2161 Hawkins which will also have 20,000 to 25,000 square feet of retail space. Like The Line, 2161 Hawkins will be on the Charlotte Rail Trail. Atlanta-based Portman Residential is behind the project. Construction isn’t expected to begin until early 2022, to give Sycamore time to relocate to The Line. 

While 2161 Hawkins won’t likely be open til 2024 there are plenty of options where you can talk all about it at places like RUBY SUNSHINE which serves up some of the best brunch around. Sweet Heat Chicken and French Toast Bites make all this development easier to swallow,  if you are worried about what it’s going to do to this unique neighborhood.

You can keep up with all that’s going on in the area at HistoricSouthEnd.com.