We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. Maybe more than we wish. Let’s face it, the COVID pandemic has changed our list of priorities in more ways than one.  It’s also changing our Christmas lists.

So let’s roll with that theme for Christmas 2020. Here’s our list for the best Christmas gifts for homeowners.

Fire pit/Patio heater:

New CDC guidelines reiterate the risk of COVID is reduced by being outside. So why not spend more time outside. Granted, it’s a little harder to do in the winter but a fire pit or a patio heater will go a long way in dragging out the time you can spend outside.

A coffee subscription:

The smell of fresh coffee is a favorite for many people, and for some, a necessary part of waking up. But chances are you’re savoring that morning cup of joe from home more than your favorite coffee house these days. So why not give a gift you can enjoy long after the holidays? There are several coffee subscriptions to consider. Here are a few.

DIY gifts:

Any gifts that caters to DIY projects around the house are likely to be a big hit this season. Consider tools or extension cords. Of course, if you want to be sure they love it, consider a gift card. A home improvement retailer gift card is a good option to help would-be-renovators get what they need. 

Gifts for gardners:

We hate to say it, and truly, we hope we are wrong, but all indications are we could still be dealing with this pandemic next spring. So, help the gardener in your life get a jump on it with a new gizmo or gadget for the garden. 

New appliances:

More cooking, less eating out has been a recurring theme since lockdowns and restrictions began in March. That old microwave that never bothered you before, might be getting on your nerves by now. That stove with the bad burner? Well, imagine how much nicer cooking dinner would be with a new stove. 

A cozy robe:

At this rate, robes and yoga pants will soon be considered business casual. Forget all the crazy happening in the world and wrap yourself in comfort. Plus, it’s good for breaking the chill of a cold Carolina morning.  If you need a little help picking one out, we found this list of some of the best.

Cocktail kits

Cause,  2020. Is more explanation really needed? Lucky for you there are a lot of great Charlotte establishments offering them. 

And Merry Christmas, from our home to yours.