When you think of modernist houses you might think of places like ultra-hip Palm Springs, CA, where this month’s annual Modernism Week draws tens of thousands of people from around the globe. But North Carolina actually has one of the largest concentrations of modernist houses in America.

Modern architecture began in the early 20th century.  Architects such as Philip Johnson, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Frank Lloyd Wright fueled the popularity of the style with their elegant, streamlined homes.

Then, and now, the modernist style typically features clean lines, interesting roof lines, large expanses of glass, innovative building materials, expansive interiors, and energy-efficiency.

5 Points Realty has strong ties with modernism in Charlotte and appreciates the style and history of these homes.  In fact, we started saving mid-century designed homes in Charlotte, in areas like McCrorey Heights, beginning over a decade ago.  Even today 5 Points is deeply involved in building, representing and saving mid-century to modern homes around town.

Toby Witte of Witteha.us is a client and associate of 5 Point Realty.  His designs are inspiring and show how the modernist style can be part of contemporary, energy-efficient, affordable homes that make sense for how people live today. 5 Points was proud to be part of selling his home on Oaklawn Avenue earlier this year.

Toby was the 2018 People’s choice award of the North Carolina Modernist Houses Matsumoto Prize. The George Matsumoto Prize is North Carolina’s highest honor exclusively for Modernist residential architecture. 

5 Points Realty is currently part of the restoration of the historic landmark Cohen-Fumero house, a 1961 high-style mid-century modern home. It was recently part of the Mad About Modern Home Virtual Home Tour in Charlotte.

These days Modernist homes like these are often torn down in favor of contemporary styles. 5 Points Realty supports the worthy efforts to renovate these works of art around the region. 

NCModernist is an influential community of architecture fans. They host Modernist events offering people access to these unique homes. It is the oldest and largest group dedicated to Modernist residential design in North Carolina.

If you are interested in learning more about these homes, this is a good place to start.

A quick scan of the non-profits website offers several options.

  • Watch NC Architect and Designer Interviews
  • Access NCModernist’s exclusive statewide list of Modernist houses on the market.
  • Get involved in preservation efforts

At the end of the day 5 Points Realty is devoted to beautiful design, whether that’s found in the history of our past or in new homes with innovative styles.