Charlotte is known as the Queen city but it may as well be called construction city because everywhere you look the signs of growth and development are flagged with cranes and bulldozers, even on what would otherwise be a quiet neighborhood street. With all of new builders building here and the plethora of real estate firms representing said new builders it’s hard to know who REALLY knows new residential real estate construction in Charlotte.  

Who should a builder choose to sell their products?  Who should a buyer choose to educate them on new construction in Charlotte? 

Let me begin with a story.  Full disclosure, I am a real estate broker with 5 Points Realty and I own a staging company.  

I stage for a small builder new on the scene in Charlotte.  This builder is known for high-quality construction in transitional neighborhoods at an affordable price-point.  That alone is hard to come by in this competitive market. Of course, that’s also probably why his homes sell like hotcakes.  In the past, he has been his own listing agent.  He is now working on a multi-home development and has gone with another firm, not 5 Points Realty, to list his homes.  

He is fully aware that I am a full-service listing agent with 5 Points Realty.  I asked him why he chose another firm.  He stated; The firm I went with knows new construction.  That answer floored me.  Knowing what I know about 5 Points and their incredibly vast knowledge in the area of new construction, the answer seemed absurd. 

My question was, “Wow, how does anyone not know about 5 Points Realty as the go-to for all things residential new construction in Charlotte?” My answer: We have been too busy actually building, selling, buying, investing in new construction to do a good job telling our story.  

So, I came back to the source, our owners, and asked them to re-construct their construction background to tell our story.  

Let’s go back to 2010.  We were at the bottom of the housing crisis.  Sales were at an all-time low. New construction permits weren’t being issued because no one was building or wanting to build.  Michael Doney purchased a lot and built 2124 Rozzelless Ferry Rd.  in the Biddleville neighborhood in West Charlotte.  Doney was ahead of the trend. This was before the mass of builders had their collective eye on Charlotte and long before they began targeting the urban neighborhoods.  The product that 5 Points Realty owners started to build and the way they began to work with builders to construct them was the beginning of their legacy. The homes were well built affordable and designed in a way that respected the homes already around it.  

Michael Hopkins (MBH Construction – Est. 2006) and Michael Doney partnered with a local investor to change up the market and not only continue to do renovations on older bungalows but go full steam in the new construction business.  

It was the beginning of many houses that came from this duo.  New construction had appeal then for the same reason it does now… because you can build an old looking bungalow with period-authentic details such as exposed rafter tails, beadboard soffits, extra brickwork, and trim work BUT you could also have a floor plan that lived like we do in current times and have all of the efficiency and lower maintenance costs of a new home.  

These houses also had all of the higher-end finishes that you didn’t usually see in lower price point homes such as high-end cabinets, tiles, counters, flooring, fixtures including plumbing, hardware, and appliances. 

As a company, we still see so much value in the process and people really like all of the small details of our new houses.  When a lot of new houses are pretty plain in comparison and lack the old look and feel of the areas we are working in, ours stands above the rest.

Who knows resident in-fill building in Charlotte? Without a doubt, 5 Points Realty does it better than anyone else in the market. 

Now you know.