5 Points Real Estate Broker Cassee Cunningham was driving past a former client’s house when she noticed a pile of debris outside the house. Our agents drive through neighborhoods every day and are tuned in to any changes. Cassee recognized the tile that was in their bathroom that is now in the pile in the driveway.  That means only one thing!  Demo on Regina and Frank’s house has begun.  

We profiled the Charlotte couple for our Before, During and After series, a look at real estate and design, 5 Points style. If you remember in our first post about Regina & Frank , they were just starting down the path of renovating.  
  • Create a project plan
  • Set a budget
  • Hire contractors
  • Establish timeline

They were in the process of choosing a contractor, getting pricing, and going over budget. Their plans were extensive. They intended on doing a kitchen renovation, a master bath renovation, guest bath renovation, adding a built-in bar area and a built-in shelving unit utilizing a whole wall.  They also wanted thin some other small changes like replacing the tile that was leftover builder bathroom tiles Cassee spotted on their front porch.  

After the numbers came back Regina and Frank decided to prioritize. They talked through the pricing with their agent, Cassee. One of the advantages to working with 5 Points agents is our experience to help see a project through beyond the sale or purchase of a home.  The couple decided to take some renovations of the list completely(guest bath) and move others off the contractor’s to-do list and hire out those projects separately, to reduce contractor fees for managing smaller projects.

Cassee just happened to have the best woodworker, cabinet maker, and all-around artist with making things to refer to Regina and Frank.  His name is Cristian.  Cristian’s pricing was much better as a solo trade and his work didn’t need to be managed by the contractor.  Regina and Frank also decided to take some smaller less pressing items off of the contractor’s list, like removing the tile on the front porch.   After tweaking the worklist a bit they felt good about the budget and path forward.  

We are happy to report the much-anticipated demo has been done.  Regina and Frank were prepared for not being able to eat at home for a while, a bit of a mess and dust, perhaps even staying with friends or family for a few nights. 

So, even though it isn’t great fun at the moment, they know it’s a temporary part of the process and most importantly, they know the payoff will be huge.  

As of now, there have been no surprises or bad stuff to report in this first stage of renovations. As a serial renovator herself, Cassee says that’s a good start but she wouldn’t hold her breath for it to stay that way. 

We will keep you updated. Just like you, we can’t wait to see the final product.