COVID-19 restrictions are limiting large gatherings, festivals, parades, and fireworks this 4th of July. Across cities and towns throughout the state, traditional celebrations are being canceled due to the public safety crisis. 

Rules and regulations change as frequently as the number of daily COVID cases… and that could continue to impact events. If you have a hard time keeping track, here’s a list that will be updated regularly regarding area events. 

The good news is even if your favorite 4th of July event isn’t happening this year, there are still plenty of options for celebrating our nation’s independence.


Just because you can’t go see the fireworks doesn’t mean you can’t see fireworks. Some cities are opting for virtual shows like Philadelphia’s Wawa Welcome America Celebration which will be online only this year.  The Boston Pops Salute to Our Heroes is a virtual salute that will pay tribute to the COVID-19 frontline workers and those who have lost their lives in the pandemic.


Museums and exhibits have been more accessible during these days of quarantine than ever before. You can learn more about our country’s history with virtual visits to  NASA, the Smithsonian National Museum of American HistoryGeorge Washington’s Mount Vernon, and the Statue of Liberty, among others.


What’s a party without a theme? Pick your favorite streaming service and order up a 4th of July worthy movie like “Independence Day” or “American Tale.”

HOST A BACKYARD BBQ (socially distanced, of course).

Here are a few guidelines to make it safe for everyone.

  • Limit the number to people invited in order to stay within CDC guidelines. Current regulations restrict gatherings to 10 people
  • Opt for food that isn’t shared. Grill foil packets or offer food in individual servings as a safer menu option.
  • For extra safety, bring your own utensils. This recycled set from Anthropologie is only $14.

Most importantly, do not go anywhere if you are not feeling well. Here is the latest guidelines from the CDC 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!