So there’s good news and bad news when it comes to Thanksgiving 2020. The good news is it’s not canceled. You can still have your turkey and Grandmas’s dressing, or stuffing if that’s what you call it. The bad news is, in the name of safety, it’s not going to be a traditional Thanksgiving affair for many people. 

The latest guidelines from the CDC includes avoiding travel and large gatherings. In North Carolina the Governor has limited indoor gatherings to 10 people. The CDC also lays out WHO should NOT attend any Holiday gatherings. 

No, you aren’t doomed to a totally virtual Thanksgiving. There are still ways to celebrate without putting yourself or others at risk.

New Traditions

It’s been a weird year. No need to draw attention to it by trying to pull off the usual traditions without the usual people. Now is a good time to start a new tradition that’s low key and COVID safe. 

Single Servings

The popular family style Thanksgiving meal might not be the way to go this year. Everyone digging into the same dishes means more germs. Pick a designated server to serve it up the food on individual plates instead of passing around that giant bowl of mashed potatoes. 

Have a Taste of Home without going home

Not traveling home for Thanksgiving? Many iconic restaurants from across the country ship nationwide. So you can have your favorite food from your home state without putting your family at risk to eat it.

Go Outside

Lucky for us we live in the Carolinas and that means weather just might cooperate for a little time outdoors. If the football game is part of your Thanksgiving tradition, set up a projector or TV outside to watch football or a favorite family movie. Outdoor games can also be fun while still allowing for social distancing.

Go BIG on the decorations

Plaids, fall flowers, Gourds, you name it. Lots of people are even already putting up the Christmas tree in hopes of lifting spirits this time of year.

Whatever you do, don’t let the restrictions keep you from celebrating in some form. Mental health experts say celebrating even at a reduced level is important for your well-being. Just be safe while you are doing it.

Our need for relationships and connection has never been more important and will continue to play a factor in our mental health as the uncertainty around the pandemic continues. So while you don’t have to rely solely on virtual options for connection, make sure to FaceTime mom and dad or Zoom with your sister on the West Coast (perhaps with a glass of bubbly) and make sure you don’t forget to count your blessings.