You may have a million reasons you love your home. We bet one of them is your neighborhood… maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the vibe, maybe it’s the stores and restaurants. So why not do your part to improve it.

Our neighborhoods are a reflection of our home and just like we put time and effort into keeping up the value of our homes, we should do the same for our neighborhoods. It doesn’t have to cost much time or money, just a little intentional effort. 

Here are 6 easy ways to improve the value of your neighborhood. 

Fix up your porch

Houses that look bright and friendly convey a pleasant neighborhood. Add a plant beside the front door or a pop of color to a fun chair. Hang a wreath and clean up the kid’s toys. Curb appeal begins the moment a potential buyer drives into the neighborhood to see a house.

Plant a tree

Trees create a serene feeling in a bustling city neighborhood. They remind us to slow down. They protect us from the Carolina sun (and this summer is supposed to be a hot one!) Adding a tree to your own yard is an investment you’ll get back. 

Create a little free library

You may have seen these in other cities. Little makeshift shelves or cabinets that offer people take a book and leave a book. It’s a fun way to engage with neighbors and do some good at the same time.

Add some art

It’s not unusual in NODA to see homeowners displaying art on their property and adding to the beauty of the neighborhood. Consult with your local homeowner association about donating sculptures, a bench, even a mural to common spaces in the neighborhood.

Obey traffic laws

It’s summertime and that means kids are out on their bikes. Cars shouldn’t tear down a biker’s sense of safety in the neighborhood. On the flip side, bikers should also obey the rules. And, yes, that goes for pedestrians too. Creating a neighborhood in which everyone feels safe and moves in harmony is a sign of a beautiful neighborhood.

Get to know your neighbors

Nothing says community like watching out for each other. We saw this a lot during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with neighbors checking on elderly neighbors. Knowing your neighbors adds to a sense of belonging and there’s real value in that. If you aren’t comfortable introducing yourself, try meeting a few folks on the neighborhood Facebook page.


People are at the heart of every thriving neighborhood. Chances are your neighborhood has groups or organizations that serve the people in your community. Give them a call and see if they could use an extra hand. Many groups rely on volunteers to do their important work.

At the end of the day, improving your neighborhood is about investing in your environment, being intentional about watching out for others, and doing your part to keep your little spot of the community beautiful. Charlotte has some wonderful neighborhoods to call home. If you are looking for one that fits your lifestyle, give us a call. Our real estate agents can match you not just with the right home, but the right neighborhood!