What do you love about your neighborhood? Is it the location? The schools? The great hang out spots you can walk to? The best neighborhoods have the perfect combination. A new ranking of best neighborhoods to live in the U.S. put three Charlotte neighborhoods among the top 100.

  • Uptown #26
  • Dilworth #30
  • Sharon Woods #68

Niche, a Pittsburgh-based research and review site that releases lists on top places to live as well as K-12 schools and colleges compiled the list of cities, towns, neighborhoods, and suburbs.

The “2019 Best Places to Live in America” ranking is designed to provide a “comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area.” Data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the FBI, other federal agencies and Niche’s own survey of residents is factored into the ranking.

Every neighborhood gets a grade on a variety of factors with the cost of living and education carrying the most weight. We always track information and lists like this because it helps us serve our clients better.

Here’s how the Charlotte neighborhoods stacked up.

UPTOWN: For purposes of this list, Niche defines the area of ‘Uptown’ to include south of Trade Street to West Summit Street, parts of Uptown, Biddleville and the Gold District and into South End outlined by Morehead Street, Southwood Avenue, Graham Street, and Winnifred Street. It received the highest marks for commute, health and fitness, nightlife and being good for families. Its lowest score was for the cost of living, followed by public schools.

DILWORTH: Dilworth scored the highest grades for health and fitness, nightlife and being good for families. It scored the lowest on cost of living, and diversity. Dilworth is the 4th most walkable neighborhood in Charlotte.

SHARON WOODS: Sharon Woods in south Charlotte scored best in health and fitness, cost of living and being good for families. It’s lowest score on any category was a B+

Although the data shows one side of the story.  We know the full picture.  There are soooo many neighborhoods that are yet to make the trend, but are getting there fast.  We know Charlotte niche!

There are lots of reasons to love where you live and lots of neighborhoods in Charlotte that offer a winning combination. We would be happy to help you explore other neighborhoods you might be interested in!  Just tell us what you are looking for.